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  1. Thanks guys! I figured that I'd probably need a pin just to make sure.
  2. Hey all! I've got a quick question here. I'm making a hunting/small bowie type knife with a full tang. The customer wants a guard on it, so I've decided to go with a slotted guard that slides on with one end open. I've heard of people fastening them with pins, jb weld, or solder. My question is do you think that jb weld will be enough to hold the guard on? Or should I put pins in it so that it has a mechanical bond as well... Thanks!
  3. I'm going to have to drop out unfortunately... Time just got away from me. But there is always next time!
  4. This is an awesome thread! I played around with gun building a few years ago, but never completed anything. Can't wait to see more from both of you guys!
  5. Lovely! The leather wrapped scabbard is awesome!
  6. Simply stunning!
  7. Those are really good! I'm especially digging the knives, but it is all great!
  8. Wow! That is beyond cool! I love it.
  9. Really nice! I really like the shape.
  10. Nice work! Did you make your drift or did you buy it?
  11. Those look really good! Just curious, as I have played around a bit with pairs of bellows like this, how do you keep the air being blown from one getting sucked into the other?
  12. That is so awesome!... I really love the by knife. Maybe we could see a better pic of it?
  13. This is really great! I love seeing all the steps.
  14. Nice! I'm really liking the shape of the blade!
  15. Awesome! That is really good! Especially considering there where so many firsts!
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