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  1. Looks good for your first knife. I am sure your dad will be very happy.
  2. Good tips for a fledgling knife maker. Thanks
  3. Mark, Can you put those hotties in a fold out or calender ??
  4. Ed_M

    Wrought Iron

    Hi Phil, Just saw this post, Thank you.
  5. Ed_M

    Wrought Iron

    I forged the material down, ground it smooth and etched it in Ferric. It showed no pattern at all, so it must be extremely clean wrought or simply mild steel. I'm going with mild steel. Thank you all for your input.
  6. Ed_M

    Wrought Iron

    I will do both grind and etch, as well as forge a piece flat and have a look. Post my results in a few days. Jan, that's encouraging, guess i'll know more after more tests. Your fence is safe (from me at least) as i am on the Gulf coast. I remembered where there used to be a old house place that had a short wrought iron fence all the way around it. Was going to take the tractor and pull it all up, but wouldn't you know it, someone beat me too it. Again, Thank you to everyone.
  7. Ed_M

    Wrought Iron

    I will grind and etch a piece this week and see what it reveals. Thank you for your replies, opinions and advice. Ed
  8. Ed_M

    Wrought Iron

    I did a spark test, attached are photos of the results. I'm leaning towards mild steel from the photos I could find on the web, but it is just a guess. Wadda ya think ?
  9. I recently scrounged a piece of old fence thinking maybe it was wrought iron. I read somewhere to cut it almost in half, then bend it the rest of the way and if wrought the remainder would almost splinter. I doesn't look splintered to me, but before writing it off I thought I would ask some of you to look at it and tell me what you think. Thank you. Ed
  10. Hi Edwin, While I am no blade master, I do know a little about the Japanese sword. what are the holes in a tsuba for? are they to tie the sword into the scabbard? kozuku hitsu ana vs kogai hitsu ana? specifically why are they shaped different, and what side are they on whats the udenuki ana. is the design artwork, if any, on the blade side or handle side The two large holes are the Kozuka, Kogai ana(hole/slot). The Kozuka(photo 2) is the handle which houses the Kogatana(small utility knife photo2) and the Kogai (photo 1) was said to be several things from hair pin to ear pick (
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