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  1. Thanks for the kind words, and thanks to my dad for the sheath. Ben
  2. Here's my latest piece, 1075 w/hamon, desert ironwood, stainless fittings w/nickle silver file worked spacers.
  3. Great work!!! Love that hamon... was that clayed or auto-hamon?
  4. Thanks for all the comments, and thanks to my dad for another great sheath.
  5. A little fighter...1075 buckeye w/blackwood frame. Your comments and critiques are welcome
  6. Thanks for all the input. I've had MS Jerry Fisk and MS Lin Rhea critique this one... Lin Rhea cririques about every one of my knives. This particular piece is my contemporary interpretation of the southwest bowie...I do stray from the traditional considerably more than this. That said I appreciate the traditional, but I try to offer a variety of styles...I just love sleek fighters, but a fighter doesn't chop well. Thanks, Ben
  7. Here is an older piece... cocobolo handle, 5160.
  8. Thanks for the kind words...I keep trying to improve.
  9. I'm an ABS apprentice...testing for JS this June. I'd appreciate your input on my work,
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