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    Learning new things and crafts. Creating things from raw materials. Gold prospecting. Alaska, and other gold bearing states.
  1. A beautiful knife all around,nice sheath and extraordinary handle. Very nice work. Something so beautiful should not be called(bloody chicken wood).
  2. Very different pattern, and very nice. Almost see ghost and human shapes. Pretty wild.
  3. Glad to hear you were able to get some of life's chores out of the way so you you can follow your passion. After you have the new shop set up how about sharing the lay out with the rest of us. You were the one who got me interested in making knives through a couple of the YOU TUBE videos you did on damascuss steel and sword making, thanks. I mean that in a good way. James
  4. A different take on a Bowie but I like it. Looking forward to seeing it with the sheath!!!!
  5. This is a wonderful knife. Nice clean design, nicely done.
  6. James Scott


    Bowie knives are my favorite, good job. I would like to have one like that.
  7. I am glad to hear you are feeling better and well enough to work. This looks like a cool project you started, keep the posts coming. I will keep praying for a complete recovery also. James
  8. That is one heck of a hammer, with attitude. I would love to have a hammer like that. I will show my ignorance, what does 800 g translate into pounds? James
  9. I like the palm swell in your handles. Great looking knives, they look classy as well as formidable. Great job. James
  10. NICE. Good looking knife. I really like your file work, it takes everything up a couple of notches. The handle is very elegant also. A terrific package, your customer must be very pleased. James
  11. Great Bowie, the whole package is beautiful. James
  12. I really like that knife Gerhard, WOW!
  13. Kifer, that looks like a sturdy anvil stand. I like the way they put those closed eyes at the foot. It makes bolting it down a lot easier. James
  14. Shawn what you see is my make shift welding table. 3/8 steel plate laying on top of a rolling cabinet that goes under my work bench. I see what you mean, the bench is just low, 34, and anvil is 33 1/2.
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