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  1. I like it. stilish contamination
  2. I saw W. Morris was mentioned in a post. I think his vision has changed but it is still alive. David Gauntlett Making is connecting. The social meaning of creativity from DIY and knitting to youtube and web 2.0
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    Yes more than 15. I plan everything..., steels, manipulations, number of sessions (or heats sometimes), but final result always astound me. I think you understand what I mean, repetitive work is an important part of the creative process.
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    Thanks again. Mr Roush I think I know what you mean.
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    your is a figure of speech, you used opposite to describe sthing. I did the same, on one side energy, aggressiveness, movement (storm) on the other silence, and contemplation (flower). Is the same old story, like White Black or Good Bad, ...maybe boring but in my opinion the best way to describe reality ( and accept it).
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    Thanks to everyone!! Mr Toneguzzo I'm following your wip - intriguing duck!- it is fresh and remember me my beginning in this forum 10 years ago. I don't write cause I do prefer stay in the second row. But I follow with interest. Inside the handle there is a deep groove and wood enter 1/3 inch in the groove . Mr van Dijk here more pics, I don't know if is enought
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    I tryed to represent a storm (with fire, whirlpool, wind and lightning) trooping around a flower. Maybe a confused composition...maybe contrived...most important it was difficoult to do and I'm happy I've done it. AISI O2 1070 UDH 15n20 Amboina
  8. Hi Daniel I don’t know if it can help you. Here my chimney, idea is from Czech Repubblic, realized in corten 2 mm thick. On the bottom of the chimney bricks and sand.. First version forge is for black, second for bladesmithing. Elfstyn castle festival
  9. Thanks! Miles: inspiration and transpiration...this is the point . Krat: graphite, cork, wallnut shell powder, bronze powder
  10. "Our steel is, therefore, the real key of the Work, without it the fire of the lamp can not be lit by any artifice. And it is a Gold mine, the purest spirit of all par excellence, a secret and - of its kind - extremely volatile Hellfire. And it is the miracle of the world and the harmonious union of the virtues of the superior beings in the inferior beings.” Irenaeus Filarete AISI O2 1070 UDH 15n20 AISI 304 desert ironwood epoxy+inerts
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    Maybe someone of you saw this blade in a post I did last year. I did a mosaic composition with w’s pieces in the upper edge. Probably not a stunning composition, I was focused on plastic deformation to obtain a “motion” effect. To have the best balance I milled a groove under the wood covers. AISI O2, UDH 15n20, AISI 1070 8,2 inches long Desert ironwood
  12. I failed this pattern four times before a good one (ovals were not in the middle). Wonderfull DVD (thanks mr Smith...and even if I live in Italy my DVD is legal...). How much work wasted! But I learned how much important is simmetry in heating and in billet geometry. And I learned it so well that when I did my first experiments on out-squared billets it seemed to me something blasphemous.... Mr Stephens, T mistakes are not allowed, but manipulation mistakes are highly required... we can consider it an unintended variation.
  13. It's early morning here, I'm quite dazed.....I thought someone welded sthing on anvil surface....like a punch in the stomach...
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    the big space

    I was a beginner and I was looking for something “difficult”. I found a guy who told me: “Go to my forum and find w’s tutorial”. I liked that interrupted and stretched lines. I worked on w’s for some years, I think my fundamentals come from that experience. I tried different combinations, lines curved in different ways and I tested different steels O2 + UDH 15n20 L6 + 52100 O2 + UDH 20c Last month I went on w’s again after two years. I show you what I did BASIC 1. In the first session I forged the billet as usual. Focused on welding quality not on li
  15. I can say I like this picture (i’m late I know…I’m often late..) Sometimes I stop and think over what are my cats thinking (probably this is a reason why I’m often late) In this picture I see two cats thinking “ our big and bearded friend stopped again playing with the insignificant metallic box. Let’s wait him” Take care of Bennie
  16. (a photo of a flower is a rappresentation of a real flower….a paint or a poemy is a rappresentation of a subject or of an idea…….a kind of metaphor….with my steel …it’s simply…. No, not simply ..a single man can not do this……..) (….are you tring to sell yourself?....what is your price?...) In this time Camelia sasangua is flowering, last dahlias and last English roses (scented Sharifa Asma over all). Right colors on Liquidambar. But what I prefer in these days is this vegetable: It is a broccoli/cauliflower variety, its name is Fiolaro (“child maker” cause there are man
  17. blade 140 mm AISI O2/w 1.2842 + AISI 1070/w 1.0603 + UDH 15n20 + w 1.2767 handle 145 mm ebony and Australian mallee bolt AISI 304 This blade has a name : “ a bug walking in the machines city “ In Revolution movie (a Matrix sequel) our hero (Neo) is entering in his enemy city (machines city) and he can see a wonderful place full of energy and fires where computer files are represented as bugs. His old enemy become an allied and the real enemy now is standardization ( MR Smith)
  18. Mister Orien, I reminded a squared style in Klee, in these past minutes I went to see flower you talked about. In that flower there is a great technic control, in my flower I see a technic failure...I don't say this with false modesty, I try to be honest. Sense of this topic is that I try to face failure with courage, I don't care of "common" rules of beauty. Is not "my technic is ok", sense is "a failure is the way to improve technic". Said that, thanks (even if compliments embarrass me)
  19. I think technically only J Ebner can walk Klee avenue. I knew Klee studied in Munich...but my outlook is not wide I admit. I would like change my name in a plant name..or in a steel name...52100 for example...how it sounds?
  20. Mister Johnsson,what you said was somewhere in my mind...probably I'm not completely free...I need to think over (thanks!). In your city studied a great man and genious.
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