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  1. Hello! Wonderfull work. I know it is an old topic but i need to express gratitude. It is time for me to make an attempt on a Kindjal dagger and it is nice to be able to see all those images of the work in progress. Thank you!
  2. so it happens to everyone at least once? Except the oven that did not work I also tried boiling the knife and...zero! I had the idea of using a hammering drill with some kind of jig (no drill bit but a plain piece of iron) to drive the handle off but i got frustraded before trying that and i grinded that failure away. It was just red oak..
  3. that's a very nice tool and a very sharp knife! Thanks Geko!
  4. Hi! I just made this little greek shepherd's knife. The Blade is about 12 cm long, saw steel rust blued and the handle scales are red oak stained with Potassium permanganate. The domed pins are brass. I used a gray colored epoxy that wrecked my nerves..but I hope you like it!
  5. That one had skipped my attention! It is a joy for the eye this combination of traditional and modern ideas! I like the grainy wood very much and that bright texture..amazing. And the compact but of the handle (opposit to the most known split style) is very suited for this knife. Also i have to mark that the profile of the knife is kind of your "twist" on the traditional shepherd's shapes that we know. A very interesting-I-am-going-to-copy kind of twist...
  6. I like very much the shape of your blade. It combines the curve with a point with good piercing potential. I think this is not just a good skinner but a knife that one could use from start to finish on a skinning/slaying day. Now some thoughts about the design: In my opinion-experience a skinner of that purpose should have no ricasso and the cutting edge should start from the end of the handle. The reason is that if you want to cut a big animal in half with no other tools you have to put a big ammount of pressure to cut through the chest bones. And that is the point that gives maximum
  7. I have one anvil marked PFP like yours, the hardie hole is made the same way. It seems that this was the way they were made! Very nice!
  8. I just saw this one Geko! Looks very slick! like the grain of the olive wood, and i just made a big stash of olive roots myself! Usually those blades come up to 56HRC i think. A friend uses them alot witout messing with their original heat treat abd they make very good working knifes! Tested for a big period (a year or so) one myself and i am very pleased!
  9. Hello all! Here i have a shepherd's knife. The style is traditional greek, very common for the balcan people. Quick and wrought is made for use so no seath, no fancy finishing. Saw steel, stained oak for the handle, brass pins, full flat grind, 7 inch blade. Hope you like it! just for fun i give you a soundtrack for the knife, food for your imagination, a traditional greek song about sheep herd keeping...or to be exact about sheep stealing
  10. So this is a fraud? I am sorry for that man but also thank you for giving the feedback. I had in mind to gather money for one of those in the future. Sad story...and irritating
  11. Thats very cool geko! Nice blade! +1 for the difficulty of finding kydex in Greece
  12. Hey Miles you sure made a nice pair here! I like that "i have bad intentions"-style bowie!
  13. I think I understand shat you mean Kc! I will eventually make another in the same shape because I like it and I will remember your comment on the shape of the guard! It surely needs some refinement..I was bored of the mirror finish and went for something more primitive but I think you are right. There is a challenge in making something look vintage or used and in the same time solid and refined! Victor
  14. Thank you Krateros! C Craft the tongs you see are not made by me! I just saw the comment for the tongs, but my forging skils are not that good..the ones i make are much much worse!! Those are purchased from GStongs!
  15. A real beauty! All of your work is inspiring!!!
  16. This one is forged from a bearing and went through hell and back : Left in ferric chloride till the marks from the 40grit belt nearly disappeared, i buried it, rust and de-rust, vinegar etc etc... I went for the aged frontier-like finish but i think i will have to do more.. 16cm blade, 2mm thick this one is gonna serve as a meat knife. Oak and brass: Thank you!
  17. Thank you boys for the kind comments!!! C Craft i think that in a knife intended for that use the cut in the ricasso arean like the one in this knife is a mistake. I like the looks but i have to admit that it has some use side effects . I explain: when you cut a swine in half you must cut through the chest. That one cut needs a great amount of cutting strength and the user of the knife has to put some good effort. In terms of physics the area of the blade that is nearest to the grip can give the best result. So i thik that the best design of the ricasso area for a knife like that
  18. This one is made from bearing steel and started as something completely diferent but in the way changed. When started it whas a study for the forging of a clip point. I went over the line with that and didn't like the shape of that blade so i reforged it to this shape: (i have to clean up some day...) and finaly: 19cm long blade, 3mm thick, brass, leather, red oak. The knife is ment to be (it is already to be precise) a "swine slayer" and for that reason the gent that ordered it didn't want fancy finish so it is a bit rough..whatever..
  19. Man your knives are prefect in a kinda irritating way!!!
  20. This one is a knife I made some time ago. Very minor forging, mostly grinding work here. The first time I quenched the blade it was overheated and got the characteristic "crocodile skin" look. Instead of breaking the blade in the name of science and curiosity, I desided to try and save it. One full anneal, and five low temp normalizings later , I quenched again the blade succesfully this time, lights off - magnet checking and all. So this is my "save" of that blade. It has a few (or alot) flaws, but I had to do it, I just couldn't trash it ‚Äč The knife is a fusion of diferent ch
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