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  1. GBrackett

    Working with Micarta / Phenolic and tool suggestions

    If you know how then why ask Nike now? Just do it☆☆☆☆☆!
  2. GBrackett

    paypal tips??

    I use both business, and Family, Friends... I add the cost of doing business to my price... it is after all part of business development, and costs... I just say free to you shipping...
  3. GBrackett

    High Temp Tools site down?

    High temperatures tools is not Wayne's website.It belongs to another person: http://www.hightemptools.com/supplies.html
  4. GBrackett

    Makers marks

    I got mine when starting out from Ernie. Haven't used it much since I started engraving mine. His are a very good product. I would recommend him to whoever wants to etch their own... The first photo is etched using his mark. The second is engraved using an electric CNC engraving tool. www.erniesknives.com/knifemaker_stencil.htm
  5. GBrackett


    Sounds like a good grinder... I would get a BFS for it, and start with a 1 up motor. I've used a 1 horse for 10 years now, still working for me in my shop today...
  6. GBrackett

    "I ain't got a good anvil..."

    This is used when I go to the park, or to a show, and anywhere outside of my shop I travel to and forge things. It is easy to load, and cools down pretty quick...
  7. GBrackett

    Advice needed for natural gas forge

    Now Wayne is a true person to listen to. He knows his stuff...
  8. GBrackett

    Advice needed for natural gas forge

    You just need a shutoff value, and a pressure gage added before your forge's gas value. Check with High Temperature Tools for the exact things you need...
  9. GBrackett


    I have used a Texas Farrier Supply anvil for 10 years now, and it has worked just fine. I have made hundreds of knives, and some short swords (28" or less in blade length) with it. Remember the Japanese make Samari swords knee with 4x6" rectangular anvil. I got my anvil for about 700$, and bought a 1200$ 2x72 BFS grinder. I your case a 100$ table top 8" drill would be good to add, and a parrot vise for about 70$. I would also suggest a 2 pound, and a 3.50 pound blacksmithing hammer. A forge if you do not have one. Join your area ABBA group, and get some blacksmithing classes. You can find good used tools with them too. As time passes you will collect more stuff. I buy a couple custom hammer every year. The anvil in the photo has worked just fine, and I still use it everyday as a full time bladesmith. Good luck on your new journey into the world of edge tools making...
  10. GBrackett

    "I ain't got a good anvil..."

    I use a 10 pound sledge hammer head as my demo anvil when I forge on the road. It's about the size of a smaller Japanese anvil. Got mine at ace hardware, it had a broken handle. Got it for $20.
  11. GBrackett

    Kmg grinder

    If I was up there now I would take it. I could use a second grinder for that shop. I have two in my Florida shop. Due to health reasons I've rented the house out for the next year to keep it from being empty. Sounds like a really great deal...
  12. GBrackett

    Kmg grinder

    Just wondering how far that is from Clyde NC...
  13. GBrackett

    Handle info section

    If you are just starting with improving your handle work I would work with low cost domestic hard wood like maple, cherry, walnut.
  14. GBrackett

    Propane tank forge

    All of Wayne's products are good. The group of us that buys together have used it, and like it. I've only used it in the floor of my forge. I really like his materials. He will help you select what you need. Just contact him when you have any questions.