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  1. Well I got it figured out and I'm pretty satisfied with my first attempt. That being said, thanks for making this tutorial in the first place. I'ts the clearest I have found yet.
  2. I appreciate the answer Mike. In all honesty, I kind of figured that was the case and thought that would be the case with all "Fully Automatic" chargers. That is probably why the picture of his charger threw me off. I'm to the point that I'm gonna try to make my own touchmark, if that doesn't work out well I'll try out your idea.
  3. I've tried to make this process work for me time and time again. I think it's awesome and appears to yeild good results but I just can't seem to get it right. I think it might be my battery charger. It's a Schumacher SE1275a fully automatic 75 amp charger when I plug it in the "power on" light comes on and it hums but I get nothing when I connect it to the knife. If anyone has any suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks y'all!
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