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  1. Bill Sullivan

    Old dog learning new tricks...slowly...

    Great advice!!! Depth of field is greatly affected by what aperture/focal length you're shooting!!
  2. Bill Sullivan

    Not a Knife but Jewelry

    Dude keep the jewelry coming!! We're all fans here!! My wife loves horses. Can't think of a a better gift for her. Still trying to talk her into one of your rings...for me that is I love thAt you made the clasp like bits in the horses mouth!! Great touch.
  3. Bill Sullivan

    Graver/chisel forming with minimal tools

    I wholeheartedly agree!! As being one of few to go to art school who "couldn't draw" I'll offer some advice on the subject that my professor told me. "Draw what you SEE...not what you know." The trick to keep your eyes moving between your subject and media as much as possible. Don't get stuck looking only at your paper as you draw. When the subject lies in the minds eye this can get more challenging however.... but it gets easier with practice!! Just my 2ยข for whatever it's worth Bill
  4. Bill Sullivan

    showing off my wifes newest quilt

    "But my fingers hurt!" "What's that dear? Your fingers hurt?... Well now your back's gonna hurt... cuz you just pulled landscaping duty..." Seriously tho... beautiful work... and I'm with Geoff.... waaaay too cheap. People around my area pay double those prices for similar work. kinda diggin the headboard too!!
  5. Bill Sullivan

    New shop ready. Let's forge...

    I'm super jealous!! that place looks amazing!!! Nice job on all the equipment!! some of us are still using brake drum forges and 3x18 hobby sanders!! Well done and I can't wait to see what you can do with that stuff!!!
  6. Bill Sullivan

    Poppa John (My Father-in Law)

    sorry to hear about Poppa John!! our thoughts and prayers are with you. cancer sucks!!!
  7. Bill Sullivan

    Aristotle Furnace?

    lee sauder has a great article on his site as well http://www.leesauder.com/smelting_research.php scroll down and click Aristotle's Steel link hope this helps oops!! didn't see all the links in the bibliography of your handout you attached Darrell! should have read the whole thing to start with... nevermind the redundant info..
  8. Bill Sullivan

    First sun (not a blade)

    I think I'll plan on having one of these hanging above my forge sometime in the near future! What a great concept! Thanks for sharing this!! Beautifully executed as well!!
  9. Bill Sullivan

    The Geometry of a Longsword

    I vote for this video to be pinned!