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  1. You Guys Are The BEST ! I just got a hold of Clay via "clay@otelco.net " (I don't know why I never found this email ) THAAANKS !!
  2. Great tools ! Do you have any pictures/infos on the originals ?
  3. That's the one I'm trying to contact, but the infos I have don't seem to be working anymore :/ And I have stumbled across a few post concerning people not being able to join him, so that's my issue, maybe have you a working email to join him ?
  4. Hi, I'm in the end-planning process for a power hammer, after debating the pros and cons for the model, I'm deciding to build a tire hammer mostly base on the great DP120 make by Dave Preston, but I can't find a place where to buy the plans for the "original tire hammer", that's mainly for the dupont linkage proportions I sent an email on the "@tirehammer" address, but it returned to me as failed Do you have a solution for me, whether it is another email or anything else ? Thanks guys !
  5. Okay.... I was planning a press, now, this is EXACTLY what I want, the compact design, the ease to use, it is just prefect !
  6. This little fella has a lot of personality ! Love it !
  7. You make me jealous, me how has just started the making of such pieces, but still miles from this kind of piece ! Really great work !
  8. I really like the coherence of this knife, great job !
  9. Thanks a lot guys for these kinds works and the inspiration you give me ! I have to admit that the ones you like the more are also my little favorites ! I just love how the elk antler turn out, it is just a shame that I can't find them "easily" here :/ As for busy... you can say that ! The workshop as been quite improved and I already have some sleepless night due to some heavy machines that I plan to build sooner than later (Power hammer yaaayyyy !! )
  10. Hello, I don't know if this post will be okay, if not, I let the chiefs delete it, no issues for me there So, I have these fellas that are sitting on the shelf, sunbathing, and well, this can't really be tolerated can it ? For starter, this friction folder, made with the intention of bringing the scramasaxe blade shape into a more modern knife The blade is 100c6 (ball bearing steel) with differential hardening and glide on teflon washers The frame is aviation grade titanium The scales are in stabilized ash olive tree and the spacer is made from stabilized spatted beech 13.5cm (5"
  11. Then again, I coudn't help myself fo make another multibar But sometime, a classic is nice too Or maybe a bit wrought-er ? But sometimes, you can't fight the roughness of the forge, and somthing like this can occur And...well... when large thing are calling, you can't really fight them, can you ? There are always little felas to rise up and let know they are here But there is a time where they must fold And slowly let the order of thing take it's place once again And rise up again ! I hope this was not too large of a post, but as I said, there is qu
  12. Hi everybody ! I don't really know if you will remember me, it has been a few years since I posted here, even though I lurk around regularly as I enjoy seeing all the beauties you guys post ! I will try to condense a bit as I made quite a few piece pieces during this time, as you can imagine, most of them are knives for viking reenactment but well, you'll see Let me start with a piece that I consider to be my most complicated build so far, even if it is not my latest, made for the leader of the Joms and offered by my "clan" Sadly, the pictures are not the best as I was in a super hurr
  13. Love it ! One must feel invincible with a thing like that !
  14. I really like the carving on the fist one, and the last dagger... !!
  15. Hi everyone ! I just finished up a project I've been working on for a while now... Between the technical issues and the commissioner having trouble deciding what he wanted, It took a good 6 months to make ! This is a scramasaxe made from a 600 layers billet, welded by a friend who have access to a power hammer (that helps a bit ), I then forged, shaped and treated it. For the handle, he wanted a reminder of another piece I made him, that have a spacer of brass and copper, so I made the bolster of bronze and copper to match it (it took me more time than I care to admit... ), the rest
  16. That great how the curve of the antler perfectly match the broken back blade ! Great work as always !
  17. Every time I see one of your knives on facebook I can't help but stare at them for a while... they really have something special !
  18. I opened this post thinking "oh, another tomahawk post :)" then...."...", I just stared at it speechless... wonderful piece !
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