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  1. My favorite Viking sword and hilt types. It's nice to see one so well executed. Two thumbs up.
  2. Not a blade question, but not out of the ken of you lot, so, as the subject asks: is there evidence for poleaxes being hardened / tempered in part or entirety?
  3. She's a beauty and a beast. Nice score. Have to wonder if the photo is backwards / mirrored, though. The steering wheel is on the wrong side of the cab...??
  4. like The dwarves of yore made mighty spells While hammers fell like ringing bells
  5. Nice, Ric, your own Ulfberht. Thanks for replying. Have you put on guards/grip yet? I love the photo you linked. It's like you're spinning some tale like, "And then we ran into goblins! And they were thiiiis big!". With forge fire for effect. While the other guy's not buying it and an office chair bottom is coming out of your head. lol
  6. I posted with that in mind, also thinking a few others might be curious about the blade, so I went public.
  7. Watched Secrets of the Viking Sword again yesterday. Does anyone know where Ric's superb blade ended up? Who owned it / paid for its commission? PBS?
  8. Serious props for allowing us to vicariously experience some of AF. Random thoughts from the photos. Your teamwork was astonishing. I mean, look at that motley crew of, shall we politely say, eccentric(?), solitary craftsmen. Herding cats doesn't begin to describe how it could have been. Did you ever sleep? Getting night shots at that time of year at that latitude meant 2-3 am. I didn't recognize Owen without his bowler. Gingers! You can't swing an antler without hitting a red head there. I learned form South Park that ginger's have no souls. Probably not a bad tradeoff to beco
  9. I love these kinds of daily utility knives. Nice work.
  10. Very nice mini-blog. The photo of you standing on the unsupported middle speaks volumes. That blade is one Shamil would have been proud to carry.
  11. What a beast. It doesn't hide or make pretty what its purpose is. If I saw that coming at me I'd high-tail my fanny to the nearest departing longboat.
  12. It looks like the ends were cut off a tank, the middle removed, and rewelded.
  13. CG Jung asserted that we're all one species and the same unconscious images well up and get expressed in our art through all space and time we've existed. True? I dunno, but there certainly seems to be something to the idea, as noted by the above quotes. In any case, Petr's work is simply outstanding.
  14. Would you buy a used axe from this man?
  15. Another LOL. The bowler hat is a fine touch.
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