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  1. Thanks mate means a lot coming from you, love your hawks/axes. I'd go so far as every home needs a dog haha
  2. Been lurking for awhile and only made a little bit but thought I'd start posting pics are in order made, cheers First finished knife forged from a old leaf spring Forged from a file, first sheath Forged from 1084 handle wood is spotted gum Little rabbit knife forged from 1075 Ugly tomahawk forged from a ball pein hammer. this one means a lot because Ive messed up so many hawks this is the first that I could finish My failed hawk pile( its gotten bigger) Bowie forged from sup 9( Australian 5160 basically as I understand it) Shop dog Wendell bud white Thanks for looking critique always welcome and appreciated
  3. Really like these mate. Just wondering some dimensions thanks, especially how thick
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