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  1. Warncliffe blade forged from 1060 stock. Nice hamon on a satin finish. Ring fits the little finger and can be flipped around as a kerambit too. About 8" over all with 3 1/2" of edge. Leather sheath with kydex clip. 75.00 shipped.
  2. Chisel / razor style blade forged from 1060. Nice cloudy hamon. About 8" overall with 3 1/2" of edge. Danzig was playing while this was forged, along with the shape of the tang gave it its name. Leather sheath with kydex clip. 75.00 shipped.
  3. Thats a piece of art my man.
  4. 13" of 5160 steel. Forged very close and finished with files and paper. Wood sheath is the first I have tried in this style, worked out with a nice tight fit. 85.00 shipped. blade is a bit over 8" long with a distal taper from about 1/4" thick at the handle.
  5. forged suminagashi steel in a nice bowie / fighter pattern. 12 1/2" overall. Guard is textured and antiqued copper. Handle is walnut and black micarta laminate. I have one caveat with the fit between handle and guard you can see in one pic. Leather sheath with stud. A steal at 200.00 shipped.
  6. Has a steam punk kinda look to it. Love it.
  7. 13" of 5160 forged very close to shape and finished with files and paper. Wood sheath is the first one i have tried in this style, all sealed up with tung oil . Shipped for 85.00, hope you like.
  8. now sold, thanks for all the kind words.
  9. back in the shop most weekends now. Got to use up this w2 and get some more.
  10. 11.75 " of forged w-2. Nice utsuri hamon, zero ground edge. Blued handle with double cord wrap and bamboo menuki. No sheath. 125.00 shipped. Thanks for looking.
  11. the only place I know is dick tools in germany, shame no one in the states is importing it.
  12. very nice, love the double drop in the heel.
  13. Forged from 1/4" 1060 steel. 10.5" overall with about 5.25" of edge. Has a nice cloudy hamon. Copper and ray skin under tan cord sealed in epoxy. Bamboo menuki. Kydex sheath. Has a real draw cut kind of feel to it. 150.00 Shipped.
  14. Life , life ,life brother Serge. Your work has progressed really well . Hope to be back in the swing for a while.
  15. Been out of the knife game for nearly a year now but finished this up last weekend and thought I would share. Hitachi suminagashi steel, walnut and horn. A very fine grained steel that takes a nice edge.
  16. You can feel the " unpluggedness" of it. Need to get your video out and get reinspired. Very nice.
  17. Cash is mando tuned for strumming cords and such, while the other is slide tuned for well... sliding around.
  18. 1/4" 1060 clay quenched. 9" over all with aprox 4" of edge. Olive cord over grip tape sealed with wood hardener. Resin dragon menuki. Kydex sheath. Tough little booger makes a great back up blade. 100.00 shipped in the CONUS. Hope you like.
  19. Took some time off from the blade smithing hobby to play luthier for awhile. Now if I would practice rather than make more hobo four strings, I might sound decent. Check out cigarboxnation if for more insperation.
  20. Yes the menuki is cast from a mold of the original in a bronze resin with some black highlights, kind of fun.
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