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  1. Sorry to hear it. Had the same scenario in Miamistan. Found some stuff at a pawn shop not ten minutes away. " That's my sawzall---see the yellow paint spatter" Millions sold every year sir. I had no proof so I wound up buying it from the pawn shop--he cut me some slack on the price. The police are meatheads. If it does show up at a recycler or pawn shop you'd damn well better have receipts and/or serial numbers and anything else ( photos-vids of your shop) and everything given as evidence in the police report BEFORE you you even bother looking. Meathead confirmation--the scumbag who sold my
  2. What I see is possibly the beginning of the worlds finest belt grinder. Good work !
  3. Cool. Wanna build me one using some nice Rimu ? I'd like a knife 100% Kiwi as an addition to my "herd". If you guys have something nicer than Rimu, please elaborate.
  4. What "parts" ? If the thing needs tires just get 14 inch tires. You can get them anywhere. If you need bearings and the like just pull them off and measure with a caliper. Go to McMaster and look up a replacement....even an auto parts store might be able to get some. All those Taiwan machines are the same.Jet, Griz, P-matic, Harbor freight, Steel City---some Craftsman. Just look at photos and find it's twin of that era. People often ask "What Bandsaw should I buy ?" . My answer is : What color do you like ?
  5. Stainless steel. Just sayin'
  6. I turned this hub and disk perfect and when I fired up the machine I thought I was going to have to hog tie it. Vibrated around 180 degrees ! Spent an hour or so balancing it and got'er calmed down. I should have used aluminum plate but with just a 1.5 @ 3450 I wanted the flywheel effect. You cant slow it down at all. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ed3EjNqFAPw
  7. Google it. Fred Rowe Bubble Jig. bubblejig dot com ? I use one too. It's great !
  8. In all honesty I've been using Lanco CA-302 contact cement. I have plenty of 2 ton 3M in the drawer. I like the contact cement. I'll have to glue some wood to A2 scrap with both and run it over with my Tjeep. As far as I'm concerned the "glue" is nothing more than a moisture barrier. The bolts, screws, rivets(Corby) and pins are what hold the handles on. Edit: I bet the contact cement holds better than the epoxy.
  9. Once again. Too many variables to recommend. What kind of grind ? Platen, wheel, slack belt ? Speed, material, hard, annealed ? It's like " what kinda truck should I buy ?" Well. Snow ? Jet ski towing? Bulldozer ? Flatbed for logs ? Dumper for gravel ? 10 feet tall for picking up toothless broads carrying large caliber handguns ?
  10. No. Not me and I won't either. Just spent a good bit of time filling out their idiotic contact form, clicked submit. "Fax required" No problem. Clicked back. Form empty. Raise your hand if you have a fax machine. I'm not buying from someone too stupid to properly mange a web site. At least I didn't get confronted with the drop down giving option to "select country" and the choices are US or CA. or the XXX-XXX-XXXX phone number entry. mine is XXX-XXXX-XXXX. or zip code. Mine is 1077 (please enter valid zip code). Arrogance + ignorance = Dangerous combo for business. I was seeking pricing o
  11. Too many variables. ex. There's no way you could grind a little Bushcraft blade on a Bora7. You couldn't put enough mechanical pressure on it to break the grit down. I't would glaze over. OTOH a 14 inch Bowie on A/O might take 3 belts for one blade, especially at high speed. My main blade is a 10" full tang NessMess in A2 5.5" cutting edge. The first belt I reach for is a VSM XK760X Ceramic in 36 grit. I run it on an 8" contact wheel spinning at 3450.
  12. Hell of a piece of work. It would be interesting to see what Sunray would charge for something similar. 2,$$$ + for sure.
  13. I FOUND THEM !!! I wonder if Scotland yard will hire me now ? They're all in use, guess where they're hiding them ?
  14. Unholy mother of Ozzy. I need a Bloody Mary.
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