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  1. Thanks for the responses. I am a bit depressed to see the title "swordgod" is already taken. I will have to look into those cements more when I get a few other steel variations. As long as i can get it locally I'm usually content. Right now I don't have a stable shipping address so it sometime complicates things trying to order. I do like the fellow's prices that you linked to, John. Especially for burls. I will bookmark that for future shopping. There is not a Rockler near me, but I did find that there was a local supplier here. I'm sure these weren't the best prices for this m
  2. I can only hope to one day produce a blade that fine.
  3. Nice camera. I have the same camera, wish i had the same lenses though. Makes all the difference. Nice work.
  4. Hello. I just joined the forum yesterday and this is the first post. I'll give a little back story. I made my first knife years ago, probably around four years. I always figured I would come back to it when I had the time and money for tools. I've stretched myself thin, but now I working forge, anvil, belt sander, 5 gallons of parks 50, a drill press. Also bought 80 feet of high carbon steel from one of the online suppliers (1084, 1095, 15n20, and another grade i forgot). I have a good deal of metal work experience from previous occupations so I am confident in my abilities. However I
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