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    All sorts of things, martial arts ( i teach shotokan karate), music, climbing, SCA....the list goes on and on.

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About Me

It all started when i found the "The Complete Bladesmith" by Mr.Hrisoulas in my uncle's book case one summer. I was enamored with the beauty of the pattern welded blades, especially the cable blades. Every summer i would go back and read through the book again, eventually it was given to me to enjoy. About a year ago, after having another pocket knife lost, and the next fail to keep an edge. I looked around and noticed the knife i wanted, wasn't being made, so i decided to make my own. Between the local guild (The BGOP) a friend who makes knives for fun, and these websites i have learned a great deal. Though i wish i could spend some time with a teacher, someone who could look at my blades, and techniques and guide me on how to make them better, or show me different techniques. Trial and error is frustrating at best, and is especially so, when you have to make the stock for the error. I.E. wrought iron bolsters, which have to be drawn out into flat stock, cut up into rough bolster blanks, and then mess up drilling them......yeah not so much fun.

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