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  1. Thank you for watching and replies , i'm just hobbyist and i do what i can , Ars longa , vita brevis ,tempus fugit Best regards from Paris
  2. Awesome work give a beautiful wedding orient/occident blade,
  3. Hi , Gentlemen Few littles stones for the wall this year A lockback all Damascus and mammouth Ivory A linerlock basketwave Damascus blade and Buffalo horn handle Jeweller Hammers Damascus 70x17x15 mm - 60grs Take no kami Damascus and bamboo roots Pens A fixed blade Damascus an Buffalo handle Another kind of machinist Hammer At last a linerlock damascus blade with Red Cloud girafe bone handles. Enjoy ! New year is coming soon !
  4. For Miles , the french word for awesome is Magnifique , thanks a lot ! for Mr Higson it's not really a Spiderweb effect , it is just a mosaïc effect with square steel and nickel plates , the rotation off lines are obtained by re-squaring operation (forging on the angle of the square) Is my explanation clear for you ?
  5. About the billet, i started with twenty fives layers , draw and side welded two times , About the mistake , please look closer , the chunks are not be welded in the good order , it's make than the pattern don't follow exactly from one chunk to the next .
  6. In te he Scandinavian mythology Le Mimer is "the Well of Knowledge" and a knife forged by swedish Mastersmith Michaël Andersson , whom i like the work ! I've read explanations about the process in a David Darom's book , and I decide to do someone for training my forging skill. Here is te results . Overall length 350mm , blade of 210x40x6x mm , nickel damascus+ twist damascus guard , nickel damascus pommel, dyed and stabilised Koudous 'bone for the handle. No sheath for this time . Best regards from France . Enjoy!
  7. Hi All , Since I discover this pattern in the Artic Fire 2012 , I've got in my mind the idea to do someone . Well ,its done now with some kind of mistake , just to do another one later !!!!! Thank for sharing !
  8. HI , Valentin , Your work is fine, where are you located in France ?
  9. Thank you Wade , for wiewing and comment , i have seen your website ,and your Moutain men style is nice too , great job ! Claude
  10. Hi , thank you for wiewing and comment , you're right ,the grip in micarta scales have been done with rotary cutting tool fitted in a Dremel motor with flexible extension .
  11. Urban Folding Kerambit Basketwawe damascus pattern blade , micarta scales, anodised titanium fittings , liner lock right and left hand opening Measurements : Open 185mm locked113mm thickness 14mm Enjoy ! the Hobbyist French touch Best regards of old country
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