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    My family, bladesmithy, blacksmithy, smelting, chemistry, metallurgy, and of course counter-strike for the past 11 years.
  1. Smelting Blower Specs

    All we use is a 110 CFM shopvac from Home Depot and a rheostat. Cheap. The vacs have seen more smelts in a year than most people do in a lifetime.
  2. Cactus Juice? Any good?

    I have stabilized deer antler with this before and it worked. I use the Turntex system and cactus juice a lot. I have had certain woods under constant vacuum for over a week, and soak for twice as long for tight grained woods. The material left in the jar of cactus juice likely hardened because your shop was just hot enough to start the reaction, and was consistently warm for a long time. Cactus Juice is a slight variant of Resinol-90c, which was developed by Loctite.
  3. Question about Carbon Migration

    Any updates guys?
  4. Need to study on a Bradley...

    You can always buy the 200# and call it a day. Its listed for $3,300.
  5. Large Bladesmith's Anvil

    Any 200# Bradley dies?
  6. Amazon knock-offs of US made grinder

    Amazon has been cracking down on counterfeit lately. Report it.
  7. Don Hanson's W-2

    How much per 3 then? What was shipping like?
  8. Super glue for "checky" wood

    Simply because everything I make is kitchen related this is what I do. Stabilize the wood, then cast it clear to fill any voids. Sometimes stabilizing resin will fill some hairline cracks, but don't count on it. From there it is casted in a mold as close to the dimension of the wood possible to save on alumilite, and sand back down.
  9. 10th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-in

    Oh what a weekend. I miss everyone already. Lots of changes going on among so many smiths that it is daunting to keep up with it all, and not lose touch. Incredible time.
  10. 10th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-in

    Never a dull moment!!
  11. 10th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-in

    Cant believe the new studio wouldnt push filming to a different week. Ah well. First and hopefully only blunder of the trip - I showed up To Marks' house at 3:30am, instead of 3:30pm to leave. Ahem.
  12. Sources to order Japanese Natural Stones

    Np. The stones are incredibly addictive to use. After using them so much and getting finer and finer edges I have started to hit that point where you realize your current limitation is the heat treatment and steel selection.
  13. 10th Annual Fire and Brimstone Hammer-in

    Last year you could almost sun bathe.
  14. First Tatara Smelt

    Beautiful steel JJ!!
  15. In Search of Hamon, Experiments at the Forge #1

    Jan, typically rice straw ash is used. It is suspected it is used because of its high silica content, up near 90% silica after it becomes ash. This silica is not present in other straws, as I suspect the minerals are absorbed into the straw due to it growing in partial flooded water.