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    My family, bladesmithy, blacksmithy, smelting, chemistry, metallurgy, and of course counter-strike for the past 11 years.
  1. Daniel Cauble


    I plan to have small amounts of orishigane for sale from time to time. As of right now, I do. http://caublestonecutlery.com/home/my-steel/availablesteel/
  2. Daniel Cauble

    My initial journey into crucible steels.

    Not yet. A medical procedure this weekend stopped me from working further.
  3. Daniel Cauble

    My initial journey into crucible steels.

    My most recent work. ~1.7% C
  4. Daniel Cauble

    Pit Charcoal

    Mark has.
  5. Daniel Cauble

    Pit Charcoal

    Jan. I have very similar results running an open hearth. Yield wise.
  6. My original video is no longer up. I guess they took it down. Now it displays my fav list.
  7. Daniel Cauble

    Steel for power hammer dies

    For the size dies you will need 4340 to keep your quenchant as oil, or step up to some of the air hardening steels like H13. You can somewhat water quench large sections of 4140, but it leaves the risk of cracking, which is why 4340 would be recommended on dies exceeding 3" thick in order to get an appreciable amount of hardness in oil.
  8. Daniel Cauble

    100# Little Giant

    Flats are great for general forging and toolong both. I use mostly flat dies. Stay away from combo dies. They arent really appropriate for these style hammers, as the offhitting tends to wear out a LG in the ways faster than larger or more robust machines. Your bottom die looks like the interchangeable die system, nice to have. Great new style LG you have there. Very clean.
  9. Daniel Cauble


    I decided with the several i have made that a curve in the handle, along with the very weight.forward hammer head to feel very comfortable. I made a few for myself, and others liked them, and they have a place. I use them almost exclusively.
  10. Daniel Cauble

    Speaking of hammers---handles

    I only use the double bit axe because it gives extra meat to make unique handle to every hammer. I try to make them the same, but each starts out as a bigger lump of wood. Costs a lot more on my end that places like house of handles, but isnt a dime a dozen look.
  11. Daniel Cauble

    Speaking of hammers---handles

    To be honest, every hammer handle that i use for my cutler hammers started life as a double bit axe handle from the hardware store. I get two different styles of handles from one, and i get to pick and choose grain orientation. Plus its hickory.
  12. Daniel Cauble

    Definitions and history of "Wootz" and such

    I mean, i can work 10# bloomery by hand. I wont recommend it though. I think my wording is off calling it next to impossible. Just....not fun at all lol. Who eould do that to themselves???
  13. Daniel Cauble

    Definitions and history of "Wootz" and such

    And doing 1-2kg pucks is next to impossible without a power hammer and to a lesser extent a press .
  14. Daniel Cauble

    Definitions and history of "Wootz" and such

    Read everything you can guys, but i really implore you to just go out and do it, and then come back and reread, and do it some more. The more people getting involved the more we all gain from shared or even differing experiences.
  15. Daniel Cauble

    What did you do in your shop today?

    Im limited on time with 3 kids, a newborn included....but had some spare time to make a pound of shibuichi.