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  1. I love the sheath. Simple, and well fitted.
  2. I live in middle Europe and that topic is one of my latest interest. Offcourse I`m not an expert but as far as i know Germania is a roman word for all the lands that were occupied by the SLAVIC tribes like which were Polans, Scythians (According to Herodotus they massacrated millions in numbers army of persia 500 hundred years B.C) , Galls, Awars, Ungars, Huns (from connecting these two cultures by Attilla we now have Hungary - Ungary + Huns = Hungary) Goths, Wandalls and many others. They all were a part of LECHIA federation or LECHISTAN (Todays persia - Turkey still call Polish people Lech
  3. Is it sharp ?... just kidding. Awesome work! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Great line! So simple but so different from any other. Amazing job.
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