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  1. That's an exquisite work! Ingenuity at its best. Well done.
  2. It looks unique for me. You did a really job on it.
  3. Wow! That's a stunner/ jaw dropper! The blade looks awesome. Nice shape, neat looking patterns. Can't wait to see more of this.
  4. That piece looks fantastic! I'm very impressed with the details. A fine work indeed.
  5. Just truly gorgeous and high quality kind of work! More of it please.
  6. Well built! The blade and handle looks amazing.! Very striking and interesting! Simply awesome
  7. Gus

    For Wade

    That is truly an amazing work and simply breathtaking. Details are impressive.
  8. Definitely a nice looking piece! This is quite an inspiration. Sheath looks great.
  9. I wish I have that talent and patience to put that much detail into a single piece. Truly spectacular set of blades. Sheaths look great. Very well done.
  10. Thanks for showcasing your unbelievable talent. This is exceptional workmanship. Cool carving!
  11. The design is graceful and bold at the same time. The handle looks solid and blade is perfectly sharp.
  12. Nicely forged blade. Fine craftsmanship and wonderful execution.
  13. Excellent work both art and functionality. Is that an original design? I like the details on the handle. Great job.
  14. I like the creative work and quality execution of your idea. The pattern is astounding. Terrific job.
  15. Very nice craftsmanship. Nice work on the handle and blade. Looking sharp!
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