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    edged tools, hunting, fishing,smithing, my wife, kids and grand kids

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Hello and thanks for the interest in my profile. I am a husband dad and grandpa with a passion for history, design and craftsmanship of edged tools. For the last 22 years I have been a fire fighter and still have about 12 more years to go , Lord willing, before I retire to working in the shop! I am married to a wonderful woman and have 3 girls as well as 3 grand kids, one of whom is my shadow in the shop.


I had very humble beginnings with smithing in the early 90's and purchased a used mankle 3 burner. It was a gas hog and I hardly could afford to run it but it was mine. I made basic tools and read a few books on smithing trying to unlock the secrets that so many thought existed in smithing but it was during those years that the real secret was patience. 10 years later I was unable to smith anymore due to an accident I was in so the forge and anvil were sold but my passion only grew stronger.


With the advent of the internet going public I was then able to network with others and learn the correct way to smith and stock removal knives. We moved and I was able to setup a small shop at the house and convert it from my old wood working shop to doing both. Next my oldest daughter married a young man whos step father was the very man that sold me the mankle forge 20 years prior and he asked me if I would like to start working in his shop learning the trade.


One hour each way once or twice a week for 2 years I have gone to Todds to use his forge and anvil learning how to properly forge a blade, heat treat, grind and finish a blade. Todd enjoys making bolos and long sword like machetes and I just like making edged tools! Last year I forged by hand without the use of the trip hammers a 30" Kukri machete from 5160 bars stock. I wanted to do this the "hard way" to experience it and to know that I can without the luxury tools. It was from that moment on that I began studying up on making a Katana and refining my skill in the shop to be able to do so.


I now have my own outfitted shop at home , except for the trip hammers, presses and blown forge, and have made some new friends within my state that are Knife makers as well, far beyond my limited skill that have shown an interest in me and offered to continue my education and to that end I now believe I can join the blade smith site to learn and contribute.



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