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  1. Hey Michael, I did contact Steve a while back but the meetings were on hold because of some virus that was going around. Have you been to any of the Charlotte meetings recently? I'm in Indian Trail btw.
  2. Yeah the 3lb is a bit heavy. I'll probably get a 2lb when I can find one. Truth be told, I've never faced a hammer before so that 3lb might be 2 by the time I'm done with it! Got the vise mounted and I'm ready to dress that anvil and face my hammer. That little cross peen leaning on the anvil was in the box with the anvil as a freebee. The "workbench" is solid wood, seems like it will be sturdy enough for now.
  3. Got one of those 66lb cast steel anvils off of amazon. Should be here tomorrow. Also stopped by our local Agri Supply store and picked up a 3lb cross peen. I'll have to take an angle grinder to it to dress it. The workbench situation is semi solved, I'm using a kitchen table that will be serviceable and I'll probably pick up a cheap bench vise off of amazon or the agri supply. Pretty soon I'll be smithing!
  4. Thanks for clearing that up guys, I feel much better about the blanket! My wife has posted on an app called Next Door (some kind of local neighborhood version of facebook) that I'm looking for a workbench. So hopefully someone has one in their garage taking up space that they don't want anymore. I'll let you guys know when progress has been made. Thanks again for all the responses!
  5. Did not get any work done on the forge today but I have been reading the suggested pinned post by Steve and Dan, thanks guys! Daniel, I have seen a few forge builds with the wool on youtube and I've noticed some folks spray it with blue stuff and some coat it with castable refractory. All I really know about it at this point is its carcinogenic and I want to build the safest forge I can as I'm going to have my 8 year old in the shop with me some of the time. I'll keep reading up on it. I'll keep an eye out for a stick welder too, it may be cheaper to build a workbench f
  6. Well, after literally years of saying I was going to do this whole smithing thing, I've done my first thing. I am starting from the very beginning, with pretty much no budget. Here's the breakdown. Be kind if you comment as I don't really know what I'm doing. I also realize that some of the things I'm doing may not be quite safe, but balancing risk is part of life. Lastly, please don't hesitate to comment and share your knowledge, experience and criticism; I have thick skin. The plan: My father in law donated an old propane tank that I'll be using as the body for a gas forge. I was
  7. Yeah, I am renting in a cookie cutter HOA ruled massive subdivision. Our lot is only 14000 sq/ft most of which has house on it. Dave, I was thinking the exact same thing!
  8. I don't have access to a place to work right now but I don't want to do nothing. I heard somewhere that hot iron was a little bit like stiff clay and a great way to practice would be to take a hammer to clay to get a feel of how to move the iron around. Is this true? If so, what sort of clay would you use? Thanks in advance for your replies! -noob
  9. You are now one knife ahead of me. That looks like a really good first knife!
  10. Looking out over Lough Mask, Ireland Shot was taken 3 years ago on my honeymoon (my wife is half Irish.)
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