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  1. Thanks! It really is, had no idea what I was getting myself into with the carving, really glad I did it though, have had a lot of fun with woodcarving since then
  2. Thank you. That was an older comment from JD, but it meant a lot to hear that from him when I was still relatively new to the craft
  3. I recently decided to take some better pictures of this one. These should show the detail better.
  4. Thanks very much! and compared to this one I did a few years back, nothing has really been fancy.
  5. Thanks! It was a fun experiment
  6. As the title says, first knife I have really been able to make for myself. Before I just took too many requests for friends and family and never had the time to make myself one. Recently finished a full kitchen set for my parents and had some extra damascus and a spare piece of mokume, so I decided to make myself a cooking knife as I do a lot of it but I have never had a good kitchen knife to work with. It's not the fanciest one I've done, but the octagonal handle is very comfortable in my hand and the blade is very thin towards the edge making it cut better than any kitchen knife I've gotten to use before, so I am really happy I made the time to make it. Blade is 1095/15n20 damascus run through 4 hardening cycles. Handle is amboyna burl.
  7. Not sure if there was other information you were wanting
  8. 18" blade, 25" overall. I don't have a scale but I would guess it is at about a pound or slightly less.
  9. This was just an experiment to see how large of a blade I could get out of an old file. Ended up with something like a half-sized Oakeshott XVIIIa
  10. Just thought I'd add an update with pictures of the knives mounted in their new home and the first meal they prepared.
  11. Oh Wow, thanks, I just thought the project was stopped for some reason. That is incredible!
  12. Is this project dead? I still think about it every now and then. Was something I was really looking forward to seeing.
  13. Thanks very much, this is definitely a hobby that I don't intend to drop. I look forward to a day when I am past or at least far enough through paying off all the student loans that I will be able to reinvest in knife making and buy the equipment that could let me do much more interesting things.
  14. Couldn't use silver because of the oxidation, but maybe platinum and gold? Hahah Unfortunately very few schools teach wax casting anymore, it seems to be assumed that that work will get outsourced to dental labs. Luckily my dad payed his way through dental school casting jewelry and taught me wax casting as well.
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