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  1. Worth Baker

    Bladesmith Trade Knife

    Thanks very much everyone, had it shipped to him the other day. A bit late for Christmas, but I am looking forward to hearing what he thinks.
  2. Worth Baker

    Bladesmith Trade Knife

    Finally got around to making the sheath for this one and had some better photos taken before I sent it off. His only request for the sheath was that it have a Norwegian fjord horse on it.
  3. I am glad to see this blade will still have life at some point. Though I am very sorry to hear that a large portion of Jake's influence will be lost. I am a huge fan of his work and following that work has greatly shaped my techniques and style. While certainly don't claim to be as skilled as either of you, I will say my strong points are carvings and castings (I learned jewelry casting before I applied it to bladesmithing) and I do all my work with the same lost wax casting technique as Jake. If it were up to me I think I could make the original sketches happen, though I would probably agree with your idea of abandoning the full-tang. Possibly a tapered tang with a rivet behind a separately carved skull insert on the pommel. I imagined the skulls caved from bone on the pommel and as a handle section and maybe a large carved antler for the portion of the crossguard that is riveted to the blade and the other portions being cast of an aged bronze. I would love to do anything I can to help so don't hesitate to ask. I think about this piece fairly often and love the steel you have made for it.
  4. Haha, this blade is definitely looking like a miracle
  5. I still check this thread every week or so hoping for an update. This project hasn't been permanently shelved has it?
  6. Worth Baker

    Bladesmith Trade Knife

    Thanks very much! I agree, he has a much greater talent for designs than I do. I rarely draw a plan even for more complicated pieces.
  7. Worth Baker

    Bladesmith Trade Knife

    My end of a trade with a friend. We have done a lot of blacksmithing together and wanted a piece of each other's work (especially now that we live very far apart). So we decided to each make a knife for the other. He designed the handle carving to have urnes period viking style hawk and deer. It is a bit difficult to see the carving in the handle as the grain in the burl tends to hide it. This is a replacement for his everyday carry knife that broke, so it is a fairly simple blade that should be pretty useful for mostly anything. His original design sketch for the handle The final result
  8. Worth Baker

    "Shai-Hulud" (SHY huh-LOOD)--Great Crysknife

    Thanks very much! Someday I am sure it will be finished.
  9. Worth Baker

    "Shai-Hulud" (SHY huh-LOOD)--Great Crysknife

    Pretty cool, I had thought I was unique in liking the crysknife movie blade, a made one a while back but never posted as I had never gotten around to making the sheath (which is more than a bit important in the books). I look forward to seeing the direction you take your film inspired blade.
  10. Worth Baker

    Tiny Wedding Yataghan

    Damascus (15n20 and 1095), tin, olivewood. 10" overall, 7 1/2" blade length. This started as a simple chef's knife for friends to use to cut the cake on their wedding day, but as is sometimes the case, the steel had different plans. As the steel was drawn out it wanted to curve inward (strange considering they usually want an outward curve when forging the bevel) so after fighting it for a very long time I gave up and gave into it's will to some degree, giving it more of a kukri shape. Then after grinding any sharp corners, snags, stress risers, as well as performing any prequenching rituals it still managed to form a crack on the edge that was visible after it's quick dip in oil. After some choice expletives had been shouted and a few things kicked I realized I had been fighting it too much and the steel had a very particular plan. The bride-to-be is Turkish and had just had me sharpen a yataghan that she was fond of. Clearly this little hunk of damascus wanted to be a good little turkish blade too and keep her sword company. I ground away through the blade until not much but a letter opener was left, but at least the crack was gone. Normalized a few times, prayed a few more and quenched. This time not so much as a warp. I never would have had the idea to make a tiny yataghan to cut a cake, but luckily the steel did. Here's hoping she'll be pleased.
  11. Worth Baker

    pattern welded blade bracelets

    I love these, like having a blade wrapped around your arm. I may have to try one of these. Everytime someone finds out I do bladesmithing I am immediately asked "do you have anything you've made with you?" and I always have to politely say, "sorry, I don't really carry swords around in public". This would be a great little way to show your work without carrying weapons around.
  12. Worth Baker

    La Brea Bowie WIP

    You should have waited to post this on the 25th. And of course this is just stunning.
  13. Worth Baker


    Thanks, I did take some inspiration from those blades. The recurve makes for a nice multipurpose edge and the overall downward curve makes the point align with the wrist well.
  14. Worth Baker

    Fetter Lane Sword

    Absolutely stunning piece. The sort of craftsmanship that could turn me into a thief.