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  1. Oh my Odin. Jeezus that is just WoW! What an incredible piece of work. How long did it take to make all of it? All of it is so epic.
  2. That setup is for a system with multiple cylinders on a machine like a backhoe. What you want is single manually operated 3 position selector valve. As far as a motor goes, you have to match the HP to the GPM of the pump. You can get away with a 3hp motor with a 2 stage pump. Shop at Northern Tool for components. Ebay is the best place for cylinders
  3. I love it. The bamboo is a great idea. I like the contrast of the buffalo and copper. I wanted ask about the WD40. What is purpose? Does it act as a flux or is it like making blister steel?
  4. So you are going to finish it? Didn't the blade crack? Also, I hope you checked for the plastic ID strip that usually runs down the middle.
  5. I think you did a great job on the gutter. Your wood work is really good, nice contrast and simplicity.
  6. This is a new one for me, I've never seen this technique, but I'm very curious to see how it turns out. What kind if pattern does make?
  7. Yeah, that style or the twist on cartridge type.
  8. I used supplied air respirators in the Navy, I painted jets and the paint we used required supplied air. If you are standing still it wouldn't be bad, but otherwise they are cumbersome. It seems like overkill to me. Unless you are doing something that entails toxic fumes, the standard 3M is all you need for particulates.
  9. I like it, the pattern reminds me of modern art where the artist flicks paint on a canvas. Pretty cool EDC
  10. Gerald, I meant what type of steel did you use. Was it tool steel or spring steel? I used 1095 and 15N20 with a maple handle.
  11. Man, thank you! I wish I had seen something like this when I forged a chisel last year. I posted some photos here a little while ago if you want to see it. So, what steel did you use?
  12. You need refractory brick, not fire brick. There is a difference. And yes on the bottom too. I use kiln shelves on top of the bottom layer of bricks as a sacrificial layer to protect the brick from being eaten up by the flux. Keep in mind that the more it is insulated and enclosed (not sealed though) the hotter the forge can get.
  13. That is an incredible piece of work. Impressive finish all around.
  14. There are very thin nylon washers inside on both sides of the pivot pin. You should check out Lewis razors on youtube. He has some videos where he makes razors from start to finish.
  15. Gabriel, the 8 refers to 8ths of an inch. Straight razors come in widths of 4/8 5/8 6/8 7/8 8/8 and so on. I started using a straight razor to shave about a year ago, and its a pretty cool experience. They are pretty fun to make, and require very little material.
  16. That's incredible. I just wish you had more photos.
  17. I just finished this a couple days ago. This razor is a bit more traditional. It's about 180 layers 1095 and 15N20. the cutting edge is 3 inches and 8/8 in width and .125 at the spine. The scales are stabilized buckeye burl, stainless spacer and brass pins. It is for sale, I would like to get $275 for it. Might be a good Christmas present, aye? The last picture is just for comparison using the razor I use daily
  18. www.knifemaking.com or www.usaknifemaker.com
  19. Huh, I thought ladder pattern was just straight lines across the length of the billet. But that makes sense. Thanks for all the positive feedback.
  20. Austin the only bevel angle the was critical was the bevel for the cutting edge. What I learned from my wood working friend was that 25 to 30 degrees was optimal. And the pattern is a basic random pattern. After forge welding and folding to the desired layer count, I took my angle grinder and cut criss cross grooves diagonal to the length of the billet on both sides.
  21. I made this for a friend of mine that is a wood worker, he makes furniture and cabinets. Its about 180 layers 1095/15n20 with a maple handle.
  22. Looks really great Caleb, your finish work has come a long way. Good to see you still working at it.
  23. Ok, I guess I can stand to watch it. I'm rooting for Matthew Parkinson. The guy who broke the tip by smacking it on the vice was a little too cocky.
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