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    Reading books,playing chess,deer hunting,making knives duh,making self bows,studying different languages,survival training,bushcraft,ancient history.

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  1. i forge knives because i love it.i make them for myself and family.if someone likes one and wants to pay me a fair price, i might sell.i give this example:my barber has no problem spending $450.00 on a good pair of scissors/shears,but wants to pay $100.00 for a good handforged knife(for her deer hunting husband).in this case that's ok.but,considering i pay $20 a haircut that only takes her 20 mins,i might be on the short end of the stick. i don't like taking on custom jobs,but if i do,they pay half up front,and i base the total cost on: size and length of blade plus labor and material.but a
  2. i started marking my blades with this a few months into my forging back in 2010. it is my initials RN for 'Russell Nortier',combined with my brand of blades 'Stalking Moon',which is my native/neanderthal name.a half moon forms the top of R and moon beams are the bottom.the N follows.
  3. hey people.i am on this site to converse with all ya'll who love to forge knives.i have learned a lot on my own,thru trial and lots of error.look forward to learning from everyone.thanks.

  4. hey,I'm Russell Nortier,49 yrs old,been forging knives for 2yrs. I was born in Arkansas and still live there.I am a father of grown sons,one is in the navy,one has big dreams.i was in the army.i have always loved knives.I have worked many different jobs:soldier,warehouse/forklift driver,landscaper,goodyear tire/mech,smelter for timex,copier technician,now i do data input/computers to pay the bills,but i consider myself a knife making blacksmith.i got my first pocket knife at 5yrs old.I worked on cars most of my young adult life,may have been where i started liking to work steel.I always sh
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