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    Reading books,playing chess,deer hunting,making knives duh,making self bows,studying different languages,survival training,bushcraft,ancient history.

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  1. i forge knives because i love it.i make them for myself and family.if someone likes one and wants to pay me a fair price, i might sell.i give this example:my barber has no problem spending $450.00 on a good pair of scissors/shears,but wants to pay $100.00 for a good handforged knife(for her deer hunting husband).in this case that's ok.but,considering i pay $20 a haircut that only takes her 20 mins,i might be on the short end of the stick. i don't like taking on custom jobs,but if i do,they pay half up front,and i base the total cost on: size and length of blade plus labor and material.but as i discuss the time frame i say,"u'r on a year waiting list and it's a year behind,i'm joking but it will take awhile,for my priorites are God,wife,job,then comes knife making."(really i only want to work on knives for me, ) i started making knives because i was intrigued by blacksmithing and wanted to make and own custom:mountian man/indian/viking/aboriginal/afrcian warrior/japanese, types.mine are ment to be used and abused.some i leave the hammer marks on.times are tough,money is tight.but no amount of $ can buy a knife i made for me that i don't want to sell.other knives i sell at a decent price for a working/hunter survivalist who doesn't want a made in China junk knife.
  2. i started marking my blades with this a few months into my forging back in 2010. it is my initials RN for 'Russell Nortier',combined with my brand of blades 'Stalking Moon',which is my native/neanderthal name.a half moon forms the top of R and moon beams are the bottom.the N follows.
  3. hey people.i am on this site to converse with all ya'll who love to forge knives.i have learned a lot on my own,thru trial and lots of error.look forward to learning from everyone.thanks.

  4. hey,I'm Russell Nortier,49 yrs old,been forging knives for 2yrs. I was born in Arkansas and still live there.I am a father of grown sons,one is in the navy,one has big dreams.i was in the army.i have always loved knives.I have worked many different jobs:soldier,warehouse/forklift driver,landscaper,goodyear tire/mech,smelter for timex,copier technician,now i do data input/computers to pay the bills,but i consider myself a knife making blacksmith.i got my first pocket knife at 5yrs old.I worked on cars most of my young adult life,may have been where i started liking to work steel.I always sharpened knives for all my huntin buddies and repaired blades that were chipped or broken at the tip.I made replacement handles for knives which had broken ones.I had a knack for carving wood for walking sticks and such.And i made sheathes for my hunting knives,i liked the Indian look better.All this came into play when i started making my own knives. I saw some bladesmiths forging knives at a big buck classic show 3yrs ago and decided it was time to try it myself.I did a lot of reading(i have loved to read my whole life)on metallurgy,then i got started.I have been attending (Arkansas section)American knife makers meetings for 1yr,they teach a little too.I have been married before,now my new wife is very supportive of my knife making.I possess a working knowledge of the Spanish language and am trying to learn French,Japanese and German.My father was a French/German immigrant from Holland,moved to Michigan, and my mother was redneck and part Choctaw Indian from Mississippi.I was raised in the suburbs but my grandfather's brother(mom's side of family) had a farm 10 miles outside town and my brother and i worked it for them.So i was raised up as a country boy.Started hunting with my first gun at 10yrs of age.My late older brother was an amateur archaeologist/herpetologist but made a living as a carpenter/painter.He taught me how to hunt and fish,catch snakes and dig for arrow heads.I love to hunt deer with longbow,crossbow,shotgun and rifle.I was on the rifle team in the Army Reserves in the late 1980's. I started making hunting knives first,for skinning deer.Then i made survival knives(no not hollow handled Rambo toys )but the kind used to chop(uh yep i'm a dooms day prepper ),then made a short sword/machete.i have a great interest in Ancient History(i read even more than i did when i was a bookworm kid ).I love the Roman short sword,the Samurai sword and most certainly...the Viking sword(THE GREAT: +ULFBERH+T ).I study the Runic alphabet too. I look forward to conversing with ya'll. thanks.
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