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  1. Awesome job! I like the texture.
  2. Now thats my kind of country. Really makes me want to go there. Beautiful photos.
  3. Very nice! the sheath is lookin real good as well
  4. Wow! I really like that! The whole thing has a great texture.
  5. Now thats a forge! Really like the anvil set up to.
  6. Aye I need some one to make me a punch, I lack the requIred tools. also need to look Into a electro etcher. The thing Is there are not many Smith's around here. I only know of one that lives a few hours away.
  7. Glad you like it! I plan on both but I have no idea how to acquire a punch. I don't have an electro etcher either. The only way I know is the ol nail polish method.
  8. I made this out of Saxon letters. Its just my full initials, CJR. What do you think? its probably not very practical but I like the letters. Site (link) I used for reference.
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