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  1. and its the right color now ! nice find for the money.....
  2. ..love it.......everything about it , beautiful............
  3. those welds are a heck of a lot better than mine will be !!
  4. BCROB

    Damascus bowie

    very very nice , now let me clean the slobber off my keyboard , well done sir
  5. Karl they're all gorgeous but that curly oak is killer brother !!
  6. Krikey , dem are big bastids !!
  7. awesome Rob................and I have a pale of 'em , Farrier leaves his unwanted rasps when he's done here.......
  8. Nice Brian , nothing like the first time !!
  9. excellent Brian , how many times have you walked back in your shop just to have a look at 'er !! I have all my components & hydraulics as well , enjoying this wip , I only have (1) 6'' bore 10'' stroke cylinder but I'm swaying now to this style of frame !! I'll be hitting you up for a steel list !! cheers Rob
  10. Look good upside down , any upright photos
  11. looks good , a Lin Rhea special.......
  12. clean Don clean !! nicely done ! all the best in 2017
  13. thanks Niels , I'll be gladly following along
  14. Gary , maybe a hint of historian scagel flare in there............
  15. Congrats on your success's and thanks for sharing the photos !!
  16. Brian I actually like the angle ! just contour and shape your guard to mirror the plunge cuts , slight angle , it will be "your" version ! If you can visualize that I think it would be different and cool all wrapped into one !!
  17. awesome Kris........ youve inspired me to try one of these !! beautiful !!
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