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  1. Awesome blade and great craftmenship as always. I feel proud as a romanian that you make a bowie inspired by Vlad Țepeș or Drăculea (Dracula by the foreigners) in romanian language was the name that was given by the people to Vlad Țepeș father, Vlad Dracul, because he was the member of an military-religious order, The Dragon Order - similar to The Teutonic Order or Sovereign Military Order of Malta, that had as a symbol a dragon - named dracul by romanian people. From that symbol the entire family following the blood line of Vlad Dracul, Vlad Țepeș father was named as to be of Drăculești.
  2. the last two . because all my knives that i made and i liked were taken by my friends i thought that i will make one. so, forged spring steel with G10 scales and red liners. the blade is 15 cm long, 4.3 cm wide and 3 mm thick above the heel. but in a new year i will make another one for me, this one is gone also . and the last one is made from d2 steel with teak scales it was a birtday gift for my godson.
  3. the fourth one is a santoku made from 15n20 with homemade micarta handle and carbon fiber pins. blade is 19 cm long, 5 cm wide and 2,5 mm thick.
  4. First a sujihiki forged from a japanese laminate with blue papper steel core. The blade is 25 cm long, 4 cm wide and 3 mm thick at the heel. The handle is made from a buffalo horn and european cornel. the second one is a rustic style kitche knife. blade is forged form a leaf spring with a spalted beech wood and bamboo handle. the blade is about 16 cm long, 4,5 cm wide and 3 mm thick at the heel. the third one is a neck knife made from a file with forged finger grooves.
  5. thank you. in fact is a chef at a local restaurant and after i delivered the knife he had a great day in the kitchen or that he told me the next day . when i show him the knife he was just like a baby when grab sweets.
  6. a friend of mine asked me if i can make him a kitchen knife. so, i choose japanese laminate steel with white papper steel core, that i forged to shape. it came out a nice blade about 24 cm long, 4 cm wide and 3 mm thick at the junction with tang. the handle is made form lignum vitae and paduk with an walnut saya. after heat treatment and grinding:
  7. first one is a chinese cleaver forged from C75 steel with handle made from european cornel wood. blade is about 18 cm long, 8.5 cm wide at the heel and it is 3 mm thick at the blade handle junction with a tapper towards the tip. blade is attach to the handle with dovels and the tang get thru the whole handle and is bent over the handle to secure the whole construction. the secoond one is a chef made from udelholm 1770 steel similar to 1070 steel. it is about 19 cm long, 5 cm wide and 2.5 mm thick with merbau handle and brass pins. the third on
  8. thank you. i collect wood for years (harvest my own, change different type of woods with a few friends and i am buying from time to time) and about a few moths ago i was cleaning in my stash and i made happy a few friends.
  9. a paring knife forged from 52100 bearing steel with accacia handle. the blade is 12 cm long, 3 cm wide and 2,5 mm thick. a little one forged from a scarp piece of mystery steel with handle made from a pice of ivy with bone bolster. three utility lnioves made from D2 steel with micarta handle. one made from a piece of an axe - more exactly form the cutting age of the axe. is has 10 cm long, 2,7 cm wide and 6 mm thick at the junction with the handle and has a tapper towards the tip. the hndle is form chestnut. hope you like
  10. the last ones, forged from 5 mm spring steel stock, a little rustic, but i like the results . an chef knife in rwl-34 steel 2,6 mm thick, 5 cm wide and 19 cm long blade with merbau scales. an higonokami with mill saw blade and stainless steel handle. about 7 cm long and 1,4 cm wide and 2 mm thick blade. an utility knife made from japanese san-mai with whitepapper steel on the edge, forged, and olive scales. about 9 cm long blade, 2,3 cm wide and 2,8-3 mm thick. a santoku chef knife in 12c27 stainless ste
  11. absolutlly superb. i really like the guard and the pommel.
  12. much appreciated. thank you gentlemen for your words. i discover that the oak is subappreciated and can be worked to give a lots of textures. simple, brused, burnt and brused or finished with a clothed or used sandpaper at a high speed to achieve a caramel like colour.
  13. and a small utility knife forged from spring steel with mild steel bolsters and brushed oak. the blade is about 7 cm long, 1.5 cm wide and 2.5 mm thick. the grind and polish was made only with files and stones. and the big brother made also from spring steel, forged to shape and dress up with files and stones. alittle bit bigger, the blades was about 9 cm long, 2 cm wide and it was 3 mm thick at the junction with the tang. blade is fitted in the handle with two wood dovels near the blade that was cut flush after they were push with a hammer. handle was made
  14. a little paring knife forged form a swedish bahco wrench with bone scales and a simple mozaic pin. about 9 cm long blade, 2 cm wide and about 2 mm thick with a tapper towards the tip. an outdoor knife forged form spring steel with elm scales. i think that it was about 15 cm long blade, about 3 cm wide and 4 mm thick. a wharncliff smallish knife with holes made form same 15n20 steel. from memories i think that it was abou 8 cm long blade, about 3 cm wide and 3 mm thick. a ring knife forged form O2 steel with antler scales. the blade is about
  15. thank you. i do like the beef bone, not quite easy to find, but it has a nice feeling.
  16. Both are forged spring steel. The outddor is all made by hand - without the drill holes. the blade is 15 cm long, 2.8 cm wide and 4 mm thick. Handle is made from elm wood withh brass pins. The second one is a paring knife made also from spring steel. The blade is 9 cm long, 2 cm wide and 1.8 mm thick with a tapper towards the tip. the grind is flat with a microbevel. The handle is made from beef bones with mosaic pin.
  17. catalin


    thank you. the sheath is not my concept, but an adaptation of one of nate runals.
  18. catalin


    last month i forged two blades, one from an old german plane blade, and one from spring steel. this week i manage to finish one - is one form spring steel. here is the blade: for the handle i use oak - brushed and then burnt. for the handle i combine a traditional tehnique - using wood pegs on the side of the blade to secure it, with a modern one - epoxy.
  19. thank you. alan, me too . ring key is marked chrome vanadium - but i don't know what specific type of steel is. for each keyring knife or file knife - i quench a little piece and smash it with the hammer. if the piece will broke - it will be a decent knife, if it bends - it goes to trash .
  20. here is my latest work. first a small cleaver forged form spring steel with oak handle and copper ferule with hammer marks. the blade is 14,5 cm long, 6,5 cm wide and 5 mm thick. the second one is a small ring key, only 16,5 cm long, blade is 6,5 cm long, 1,7 cm wide and 2,5 mm thick. and, the last ones are the scissors pair, made from an old piece of sheep-shearing scissors. handles are made form oak with brass pins.
  21. catalin

    a key :)

    thank you. i don't have a proper tester, but a friend of mine has a set of testing hardeness files, and when i checked with it, it came up between 55 and 60 hrc, so i guess it is at 56-57 hrc.
  22. catalin

    a key :)

    Last year i found at a flea market a broken ring wrench made by bahco in sweden. So, i figured that it will be a good material for a blade. When i find a little bit of time i forged a blade from it. Here it is te final result: the teeth of the wrench: But, i felt that it missing something, the knife wasn't complete, so last week i come with that: hope you like it.
  23. thank you. it will certainly be a honest workhorse .
  24. last summer i forged three blades, and because i am very fast , i managed to finish one. but, this week, i was stubborn and managed to finish another one. the knife is 14,5 cm long, and the blade is a little over 6,5 cm long, 2,7 cm wide and 3,5 mm thick with a sliglty tapper towards the tip and the pommel. scales are black g10 and the grind is hollow. hope you like it. the blade is the first one. meanwhile it becomes like this:
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