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  1. beautiful work man just beautiful!!!
  2. beautiful work Jesus, i know that person will be just as happy as i was
  3. Hi everyone i am honored to say that blade was made for me and i could not be more happy, i just wanted to say to everyone on here as well as to Jesus, i know you all know how amazing his work is but let me just tell you what a wonderful person he is as well, any question i had any time i needed him he was always there for me, informed me step by step of his progress without me even asking for it, and i'm so happy i gave him the free will to do what he wanted with this project cause as you all can see he is one amazing artist! and his excitement in this project took mine to a even higher level then it already was at, so "Jesus" thank you so every much for this blade and i cant wait to start our next adventure together, your a amazing man as well as blade maker. Your Friend, Danny
  4. That is one hell of a smoke ring "beautiful" i bet the taste was just as good!
  5. lmao! Matt it's funny you say that cause with all this research i'm doing it's making me want to take up smithing i would love to make my own knive or sword one day. i need a hobbie all i do is work, work, work i need to find time to play.
  6. how many lbs. of steel do you start a katana with? and how many lbs. are they when they are done?
  7. great video and beautiful work Mr.hernandez i must have watch this video 10-15 times on youtube already lol thank you for it.
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