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  1. The handle feels good in my hand, but having no experience i probably wouldn't know any different! Thanks for the Comments.
  2. This is the first knife i have ever made. I've had my forge for about 7 Months. Any tips or custructive critisism would be appricitated. It was all done by hand. I do not, as of yet, own a press or power hammer. I am trying to build a press now. I started with 7 layers, alternating 1095 and 15n20. I ended at about 150 or so layers. The handle is Desert Ironwood wich i hand carved and finished on my belt sander. It has a 4.5 inch blade and is about 9 inches overall.
  3. Yes i did it by hand. Thank you guys for your comments i'm new to this forum i like the friendly feedback. It took 5 heats but i think that was over kill i think that i might have had ok welds at 3 or 4 heats. I hope to draw this out and increase the layer count. I don't plan on doing Ws yet i'm just kinda working on getting decent welds to start. And to get comfortable before i try any crazy patterns. I'm going to try to make a small knife not sure about the style yet. Any suggestions?
  4. So I have been looking into bladsmithing for a little over a year. I have read several books, and watched a lot of videos on youtube ( Dave's damascus and crushed ws being my favorite), and I finally decided to take the plunge. Last night was the first time ever turning my forge on. I know a lot of people say start simple, but i really wanted to try and pattern weld some steel. I atemped 7 layers alternating between 1018 and 1095. I don't have a lot of tools just the raw basics. Below are my results after i gound the sides. Am I on the right track? not a great pic but this is the side of my wo
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