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  1. a quick update. I have both blades done. The first one is what I call the "Floor Model" It isn't as refind as the second as I learned a lot on the first blade. I have a very funky handle for it as the girl that commisioned it is a very funky lady!! I need to put a patina on it and finish the edge and I'll post pictures. I'm pretty proud of it.
  2. Love all the info that comes from you all!! THANK YOU!!!! I love learning!
  3. So an update. I have since ground the blade to HT thick, and took it to work. With a little input from the "feel" and the crew we agree with Kip. So I rounded the tips a bit to give them more of a fluid motion. They are in the Kiln right now for HT I will show you guys what they look like after I handle them! Thanks again!
  4. Hey guys, I have been doing a bunch of research in HT for my 52100 and a question came to mind and I figured I go to the collective to get an answer. Is the HT recipe more to do with the steel type or the use of the blade. I am following Mr Fowler's recipe for 52100 cuz, let's face the man know his schtuff! But, that doesn't mean that he isn't doing it for EDC's or hunter's or what have you. Just thought I'd toss it out there! Thanks for all the help so far! John
  5. Yeah I figured if I was EVER gonna have a really good knife that wasn't stamped out in some factory. I would have to make my own! Cuz let's face it, on a chef's wage you ain't buying a commision piece!
  6. Yeah it was really a big influence. I have one and love the action of the blade over the traditional French chef's knife. I am really looking forward to finishing this and seeing how it handles day to day in the kitchen. I have ceramic belts and finishing belts arriving tomorrow so I should be able to start working on HT this weekend!
  7. I wanted more height to the blade as a way to try to keep the blade up out of the pile of stuff being cut. Yeah I may end up taking it to the bastard file prior to HT as well. There is a lot of belly meat that I need to get out of there to remove some weight. Thanks so much for the insight guys!
  8. So I have been lurking and playing since last summer. I learned metal work in high school in Wyoming about a thousand years ago. I forgot how much i LOVE THIS!!! Spent 5 hours in the garage today with my 1x30 getting this one about right. We are at 80 grit now. Gonna take it to 120 and then HT ala Ed Fowler. I am playing with the handle length. I am a chef by trade and have always thought that the extra 1 1/2 -2" of handle coming out of the back of my hand was a waste. I have this one balnced out so that the weight is all on the blade taking more of the burden of slicing and dicing off my wrist and into the weight of the blade. Right now the spine is sitting right around .125" and the edge is .070" It's 52100. Any thoughts or critques would be very welcomed!! Thanks for all the lessons so far! John
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