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  1. Alan I get them from Mark Knapp. When I bought these I got 4 others also. I wasn't going to buy them but Wade saw some thing I didn't so I gave them to him for a gift. Glad I did . He nailed it right on. KT
  2. Wade you keep getting better and better and this one is BEAUTIFUL. KT
  3. Kip if you promise to give me one like that I will go back and finish grade school. NICE KT
  4. There is. When I bought the Musk Ox from Mark Knapp I was told the guy missed the shot. KT
  5. Wade cant thank you enough . This by far one of the best pieces you have created and shows the REAL talent you have for knife making. KT Terry
  6. Rob it sure is coming along nice. KT
  7. Kevin you know you have to give the customer, ME what he orders. I wanted the walrus on Wades blades and not all on Chads or other peoples Damascus or they all start looking the same and when you have as many knifes as I do that's the last thing I want . KT
  8. Wade mom and I cant thank you enough for this BEAUTIFUL knife. It will fit perfect into our collection. Pat and Terry KT
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