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  1. I'm always inspired by your approach and the appreciation of the tradition you so clearly illustrate. Brilliant work and amazing photography. Amazing how so many people feel the peace that comes across so strong in your work. As blade smiths we transfer a little bit of ourselves into our work every time hammer meets steel and I believe the emotions with which the work was created remains.
  2. Truly beautiful work. Love that steel and that very clean hamon. What iron ore / material did you use for the bloom?
  3. Held this piece in my hand yesterday and was amazed at how alive something made from steel can feel. Although not one of your most complex pieces of work mr Burger I do believe that the execution of this beauty took your skill set to new places
  4. Great work Mr. Burger. It was a privilege to be part of the process and to see this vision come to life.
  5. I was fortunate enough to be present during the patination process of this amazing piece of work today. What a joy to behold, I'll let Tiaan post his own photos when he's ready...
  6. Looks like its going to be an amazing forge Dave. Love the Dragon design
  7. Hi Wade Those are some pretty nice cable blades. I recently forged (by hand) a large chef’s knife from a piece of cable the size of the big one you made and yes indeed, it kicks butt Here's some cable knives Tiaan Burger and myself forged two years ago. (and the chef’s knife).
  8. Organic and natural. Takes us back to our roots as man kind. Truly beautiful
  9. Jesus as always your work inspires and teaches at the same time. I feel privileged to have seen it even if only in 2D.
  10. Love how that curve starts so early. Looks a lot like the older blades. Was that on purpose?
  11. Jesus your work is just superb I have set myself a challenge for 2014 to create one complete katana with fittings before the year is out. I'll post some WIP when I start.
  12. Hi Gabin. The round polished handle makes for very good control and I was surprised at how well the relatively long thin blade performs versus the wider/traditional blade. The curve of the Oryx horn also gives enough knuckle clearance.
  13. Amazing work Owen, feeds my soul as a bladesmith. Thanks man
  14. Made this little beauty during the December holiday. Mild steel and silver steel blade, carved copper with Oryx handle. OAL 250mm.
  15. Going to be beautiful when completed mr Burger
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