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  1. I will do that! Thanks for the feedback! I'll do a little more experimenting and adjusting to handle shape with future kitchen knives.
  2. Thanks JJ! You pointed out my biggest bother with this knife though! Haha it was a last minute decision at the grinder. Lesson learned: Stick to the design!!!!
  3. Yeah Kris! It really looks like magic in the light! The figure of the wood is beautiful and almost looks like veins of gold flecks running through it. It really took me by surprise as i sanded and polished it.
  4. This is my latest knife. It's is close to completion, the handle needs a little more attention but almost done! It is an 8" chef knife. The damascus is comprised of 1095,15N20, and nickel. I'd love to hear and criticism or things worth taking into account as I am still a newbie and desire to learn all I can. Any tips and pointers are more than welcome! Also if anyone recognizes what wood that is I would be appreciative. I got a huge load of handle material a knife maker dropped by a consignment store that I got an excellent deal on, however hardly any of them were labeled. Thanks for lookin'!t
  5. Also this is the blade almost finished. I got a lot of handle material from a consignment shop in the area that a local bladesmithsforum was selling (never was a able to contact him) but I'm at a loss to the wood here so it'd also be helpful if someone who recognizes it give me an idea what I'm working with. Thanks again!!
  6. Thanks Alan! I'm still a newbie but from what I've gathered I agree with you, I was just trying to get my head wrapped around it. That is far from an intentional and beautiful hamon like what a lot of guys have happening on here. I'm also trying to challenge myself to ask more questions and deepen my understanding. So I appreciate all of you guys chiming in. And JD thanks for your information as well!! Also that bldr is beautiful!!
  7. Have a quick question. Is it possible to get a hamon besides using clay? Ive never messed with hamons at all yet but seems like i have a faint one going on in my recent blade. its a damascus chefs knife comprised of 1095,15N20 and nickel sheet. any ideas? Heres a picture and ill try and take a better one to show you what I'm seeing. along the edge is a faint shadow. Thanks
  8. My setup is meager to say the least. I'm heat treating by eye at the moment. I picked up a kiln the someone was going to throw out. After speaking to the guy I found out there was nothing wrong with it, he just never used it. Great find!! So I've just got to change a plug out and it'll be in business giving me a little more control over the temp the blades are getting to. And I have a tube of canola oil the I preheat to the appropriate temp with a thermometer in it that I quench in.
  9. At long last I have finished that second blade and a third! This one is 1095&15n20, with elk antler and wood handle (not sure what wood it is exactly). This third knife is an 11" chef/slicer. Made this for a friend of our family. Blade is forged from a Nicholson file with a mystery wood handle and copper pins. ! As always I welcome any critique, correction and encouragement you guys are willing to give. It's always helpful!!!
  10. That blade really strikes my fancy in a big way!
  11. This is awesome! Im waiting and itching to upgrade my forge to allow for axe forging. This is nice work!!
  12. So I haven't posted in quite a while but have been doing a lot, learning a lot, and gaining all I can from what i see posted on this forum. The last time I posted I believe was showing off some meager first attempts at blade smithing and was given a lot of very helpful wisdom from a lot of you of which I am very grateful. I've been quite busy and haven't quite found the time to give updates on all of my doings but thought I'd like to share some of my work since I've been working a lot to get better since I last posted. All of the things I've been up to isn't necessarily blade work but is clo
  13. Ae there any other places on this forum that has more information on this? Or have any of you tried it and have some knowledge to pass on for someone who wants to try.
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