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  1. Hey Matt, "ACIDCAM" is my name for this multi layer acid etch.
  2. Thanks Rob, it might not make it to the show. Somebody has "wanted it" since I made it 6 months ago but hasn't bothered to pick it up yet lol.
  3. Hey everyone, this is my first W1 hamon quenched in canola oil. I didn't get as much activity as I wanted so next time I will put the clay on a little thicker for the "fingers"
  4. Awesome tutorial Alan! One question for you, have you ever had a weld fail from use?
  5. Thabks for the compliments everyone. I know the acid etching has been getting mixed reviews. I don't think I will be doing it again unless somebody wants it done. Thanks Jason, the etch was done in multiple layers.
  6. Hey Justin, I also live in Saskatoon so if you ever need a hand figuring something out send me a message. Sometimes having someone help you in person makes life a lot easier and speeds up the learning curve. Do you have a price in mind that you could spend on an anvil? I come across them once in a while so I might be able to help you out. Here is my latest forged knife.
  7. Just finished this one up yesterday. Let me know what you guys think of it! -1084 blade with ACIDCAM finish -Black G10 scales -Hollow stainless pins -random file work on the spine
  8. There are some amazing hamons on this thread! Here are my first hamons done with Aldo's 1084 and furnace cement. Quenched in canola oil at 120-130F
  9. Looks pretty good so far! I couldn't imagine trying to heat treat something that long.
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