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  1. Hey Charles, this is a pretty small blade with just 5 cm cutting edge. the overall lenght is 14cm. i carry it for some days now and it comes very handy. its small enough to pull it out in public to open a box without making people nervous cheers, Geko
  2. Hey guys, its been a long time without any knifemaking for me. (something around 1 year) i was not in the mood. i dont realy understand why, but hey! sometimes you need even from the best hobby in the world a break. anyway, i made me a small blade for my belt. and it was great fun to me. and i think im hooked again. allready cant wait to forge again. its made from C100 steel with ebony scales. a sheath is already in work. hope to post some pics in the next days. and a little video for entertainment. thank you for your attention and have a nice day! Geko
  3. my vise is not as clean build as daves but the same style. i use it just for shaping / finishing the handels. cheers.
  4. i found a easy and fast way to make burnishers for the dremel tool. complete build time is around 10 min. (without the time for the glue to dry) have all a nice day, geko
  5. well, im still not proud of what i call tongs. but its getting better. and to be honest, im not really trying to make them perfect. in first line they have to do the job. and this style is what doing the job in momment for me. cheers, geko
  6. hey guys, made me some new tongs for training.(i really suck in making tongs) the last tongs i made is over 2 years back. i was to lazy to draw out the handles and i´m not used to forge welding. so i just stick-welded the handles on to the tongs. fast and easy. please dont kill me for this. to make the story short, i really enjoyed it to forge something else than blades. and the result is pretty "ok" for me. and even that much "ok" that i´m allready thinking about forging the next tong´s. and who knew, maybe someday i forge some tongs that i can be proud of. have all a nice day, geko
  7. Bladeshape = A+ Handle material & shape = A+ Leathersheath= A+ just a great piece of art you made there. you made a simple style of knife looking just elegant. i like it much. have a nice day, geko
  8. hey guys, i made me a tumbler for my shop that i want to share with you. i used just stuff that was laying around, so for me it was for free. sure you can buy one online and save your time. but it was great fun for me to make this project. let me know what you think. you say : "redneck engeneering" in greece we say : "patenta" have all a nice day, geko
  9. hey guys, made me a small dirty style neck knife from a sawblade. i tryed to give it a finish that would look like, "dont care for me , just abuse me!" well, it has some character. i´m pretty happy with the result. made a small video about the way i made the grooved scales too. have a nice day, geko
  10. thank you all for the positive feedback. looks like i need to get some locktide now. the chicago screws starts to loosen a bit after 20-30 times open/close the knife. cheers, geko
  11. Geko


    the olive wood makes my heart skip a beat! πολύ ωραία και τα δύο!!!!
  12. hey guys, was thinking about what to do with some left over´s and came up with this little fun project. i really like to use kiridashi´s in my shop for leather work. and if you are used to them you never wanna miss them. not a masterpiece, but for a first try i´m happy. not everything is perfect in line and the finish is bullshit too. but hey, its a working tool. have all a nice day, geko
  13. no idea about books. but if you are into leather work you really have to check this youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/satansbarber this guy makes some really great work. he explains lots of details. cheers, geko
  14. hey guys, i made a set of knifes for a friend the last days. forged from 1.2842 tool steel with some homemade micarta. leather sheath´s gonna follow the next days. have a nice day, geko
  15. hey Phil, these tools are just great. make´s your stitching much easyer and faster. if you buy them dont take the set with changeable tips! have them and dont like them. they not piercing deep enough! (around to 5-6 mm only!) and its just anoying to screw them on and off all the time. http://www.tandyleather.eu/en/product/diamond-hole-chisel-set i have this set from amazon. http://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B00LVON876?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00 cheaper and much more user friendly. have a nice day, geko
  16. thank you guys for the nice feedback. it never happend to me to pierce the thread. but i see a lot of guys on youtube doing what you say about pulling the thread in same direction with the needle. about the knot on every single stitch im not sure if this is a big difference on a ripped sheath. @ Brian its really not the tool that makes the difference, its the leather. i have a lot of different leather here but just 2 or 3 of them take the wetforming. a simple plastic spoon is what i like the most for wetforming. cheers, geko
  17. hey, guys. made some days ago a leather sheath and a video about it. slowly i start to really enjoy leatherwork. (not that i´m good at it) have all a nice day, geko
  18. hey don, im using the blue compound that came with the cheap polishing set. sure there are better out there. but this stuff is working for the moment pretty fine. cheers, geko
  19. hey guys, made me today a leather strob wheel out of some left overs. the polishing set is not really needed. a simple screw , some washers and nuts will do the trick too. have a nice day, geko
  20. Geko

    Working knife

    aaahhhhh! thank you guys, you made my day with this comments. i´m really happy that you like it. this micarta color combination is a experiment that turned out better as i was thinking and im sure i gonna make some more of it for my future projects. cheers, geko
  21. hey guys, its a long time back that i postet a new blade here. in next time its gona change again. here is one of my latest knifes that i made for my fieldworking. its forged from 1.2842 toolsteel. 30 cm overall lenght with 17 cm cuting edge. (rasersharp as i like them) the handle material is homemade micarta. the wetformed leathersheath is designed for crossdraw. bladefinish is really rough and gun blued for a bit of rust protection. have all a nice day, geko
  22. im back from my trip and playing around with the new toy. the belts that come together with the grinder are enough to get a idea of what you need. just play a bit with different speeds. its my first grinder with speed-control and it really makes a big difference. i think theres gonna be a lot of new knifes in my shop the next days. cheers, geko
  23. if you got a laserprinter, you can do it like this. cheers, geko
  24. nice work. like it much. small blades like this one are my favorits. what kind of sheath you gonna make for it? cheers, geko
  25. its the model 2-SF with 50mm belt and 1,5 KW motor. dont waste time with him on emails. he is verry slow on that. just call him on the phone. he is a friendly one. cheers, geko
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