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  1. not sure how to call this tool. but for sure it makes my life more easy. i tryed much other stuff like pieces of flat steel and wooden blocks. but this feels better to me. its nice to have something to pinch the sandpaper on in a way that it dont slip. have a nice day, geko
  2. its not a pic. its a video. are you browsing the forum from a phone? cheers, geko
  3. im not a big fan of hand sanding. more the "quick & dirty" style guy. so i came up with this. with some fine grit sand paper it gives you a pretty nice finish on wood. tell me what you think or if you have any ideas to make this more efficient. have a nice day, geko
  4. thank you guy´s. im happy that you like it. sounds like a interesting idea. but i stay with my way of making micarta. cheers, geko
  5. every time i make micarta there is a little left over material (resin and paper). was thinking long time what to do with it. here is what i came up to. here you find the micarta tutorial http://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?showtopic=29530 have a nice day, geko
  6. that warthog tusk is great. i like it much. best greatings from south europe. geko
  7. Geko

    Fighter WIP

    thank you gentleman. your coments are very much appreciated. have a nice day.
  8. Geko

    Fighter WIP

    thank you guy´s. its made from O1. the blade is 15cm long. overall its 27cm long and 5mm thickness. this is paper-micarta. i use very strong paper to get this kind of pattern. i am verry happy with that black/brown micarta. i dont like the screaming neon collors like orange/green/pink etc. this still looks natural to me. have a nice day, geko
  9. thank you, that helped me a lot. the wd40 tip is a winner. cheers
  10. Geko

    Fighter WIP

    the forge was hot, the music was loud. in my mind was a medium size hunting knife. but it turned out into this. it was a good chance to use my homemade micarta. and for some training of my anglegrinder / dremeltool shaping skills. have all a nice day, geko
  11. what kind of finish do you make on micarta scales? sanding grit? polish, or not? something like oil/wax maybe? the best way to a good result that dont take to much time? cheers, geko
  12. made yesterday some more micarta for the next project´s cheers, geko
  13. found this guy on youtube. he makes different kind of grinders that are all powered by angelgrinders. sure thats not a tool for a profesional. but i like the idea. dont think there is a more easy way to build a grinder with speed controll. what you guys think?
  14. uuuuuuuuuuh! i like that blade. nice work. two thumbs up. cheers, geko
  15. woooooooow! really nice work. like the sheath very much. and a beauftifull blade shape. greetings, geko
  16. damn, broo! that file work! i love it. cheers, geko
  17. thats a cool "dirty style" blade. cheers, Geko
  18. superb. i like it very much. cheers, Geko.
  19. i loooooooooooove it! now thats something really speicial. wish i had a three thumbs to hold up for you. cheers, geko
  20. Geko

    GI Jane

    now thats a great user for sure. simple and beautiful. i like it very much. cheers, geko
  21. what can i say? sexy! beautiful! i like it very much! atb, geko
  22. there was some free time yesterday. and i made a sheath for this knife. have a nice day, geko
  23. hi, jerrod. yes, its simple wax paper.
  24. doh! stupid me. now i got it. the resin that i use has a long time to dry. 12 h. i have 3 of the bowls. and made me 6 of the wooden spacers. on my first try some days back i just mixed 50gr. was no problem to mix up some more and add it. so i was starting this time with 100gr. if you got way to much resin mixed up and have a slow hardening resin you can go ahead on the next micarta. cheers geko
  25. hello jajimi, im not sure about your first question. this type of resin needs to be mixed 2 parts resin with 1 part hardener. on other resins its just some drops of hardener. i mixed in the video 100 gr. together if this was your question. about belt wear i just can say what everybody says, micarta is bad to the belts. i would always grind micarta outside the shop with a angle grinder. this way i dont have that much to clean up. cheers geko
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