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  1. wanna talk to him? might be a very interesting interview
  2. I teach blacksmithing on weekends in my shop, a welcome break from forging tools for a living on weekdays. I got a call from a guy who is a Federal Air Marshall, looking to learn how to forge killing knives. Much easier to stab a terrorist than to risk blowing a hole with a sidearm in the fuselage. He ended up forging a number of blades, and has now set up shop forging knives for his coworkers.......
  3. I know the guy in virginia who bought the big load of power hammers, most of them Scrantons...........the big bargain in the deal was about 200 sets of power hammer dies, worth literally a fortune! He also got some machine shop equipment in the deal...........I traded a real nice mousehole anvil to him for some of those dies......another happy ending for both parties in the deal..........
  4. a film crew visited my shop, and made this short documentary about me https://vimeo.com/94118404
  5. We would like to VOCIFEROUSLY THANK the powers-that-be on this knife forum for allowing us to disseminate information about our blacksmith forum, we just reached the benchmark of 100 members and growing! Thank you SO MUCH!
  6. well, if you read what I posted, I said I was doing it in the 1970's, before Dona Meilach's book came out. I make NO claims regarding re-inventing anything of the sort. According to that Gun Digest article, it said that Bagwell and Moran "unveiled" this steel in 1973. Here is a direct quote from the article, which I have right in front of me. "The first man to offer this steel was Bill Moran of Frederick, Maryland, long hailed as American's finest smith. He introduced his superb Damascus at the 1973 Knifemakers Guild Show in Kansas City. Within a few months, Bill Bagwell of Vivian, Louis
  7. can a lady get a fiery beard? http://www.hammertyme.com/index.php?threads/xmas-cartoon.53/
  8. One of our members on our new forum, www.hammertyme.com, posted this cartoon in our Humor section http://www.hammertyme.com/index.php?threads/xmas-cartoon.53/
  9. thank you very much, we are off to an EXCELLENT start, Alan! Please feel free to post on the topic of knife making
  10. I would like to announce a NEW blacksmith forum. Please join up and feel free to post! Enjoy! http://www.hammertyme.com/index.php
  11. I do this for a living full time. I have several hand cranked for sale, which fit in your pricing parameters, including a champion and a western. Willing to ship in a flat rate box, or via fed ex freight. PM me, I have hooked up MANY with stuff!
  12. Wild West City Presents BLACKSMITH DAY AT THE OK CORRAL Calling all Blacksmiths and all wannabe Blacksmiths and Families, historical architects and other crafts people! Come join in the fun at Wild West City western-themed amusement park and watch live blacksmithing Demos. On Sunday October 13th 2013 from 10:00 am. to 6:00pm. Location: Wild West City, in Netcong, NJ exit 25 on I-80. Price: Adults $15.00, Children under 14 years old is only $13.00. This special admission package is fo
  13. I read tonight on the Iforgeiron board that Brent Kington passed away tonight. Prayers go out to his family and friends. He was one of the giants.
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