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  1. oh god.. i made a long list.. and then the computer bluescreen,,
  2. have i understood you correctly? you want ideas about making gym equipment at home from junk?
  3. Oh my. Those knives were awsome. Has anyone replicated the results?
  4. Ah and then you send your knife to whomever was drawn. Interesting concept. I like it
  5. By trade you mean that they exhange blades with eachother?
  6. Ok will have that in mind. Thank you all
  7. I got their catalog home with me so when i feel able to i will read thru it. (about 300 pages) and get back to you
  8. Pretty much any kind of steel and any kind of shape and size. The price varies a bit from one steel to another but that was their average high carbon steel price
  9. I went by my local steel shop and checked out prices. it these prices high or low? 20 kr/ kilo ($1,24/1,Lb) So,, what do you think, is this a good price or is it comparably high?
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