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  1. So very clean and lovely. Awesome work!
  2. Watched this come together on Facebook, but damn this is so nice Jake. I think this is one of my favorite knives by you. Impressive work.
  3. Holy crap, that is amazing work! I thought it was a well preserved museum piece at first.
  4. Nice polish Joel, and the hamon is nice and frosty
  5. Beautifully done! I love the guard with the ferrule.
  6. Nice work Alan! I agree with Josh, it is fantastic. You don't need any CAD software, you did damn fine with out.
  7. Great knife Austin; as others have said, that maple is fantastic.
  8. I, unfortunately, did not do my research and didn't realize it was an irritant and sensitizer until I had already used it a lot :| I am glad that you knew, so that means we get to see more of what you use it for
  9. I honestly never liked the battery charger, salt-water etching. I never had consistent results and sometimes it would look like garbage. So I spent like 10 bucks and bought some electrolyte. It made tons of difference. And then I got tired of the stupid battery charger and bought an electro-etcher. Even better. Here is a good electrolyte.
  10. Damn Jake, that is awesome! The handle carving is wonderful
  11. Always a pleasure to see your work John, and I am super happy your hand healed up. It would have been a tragedy if you couldn't continue to make knives. All of those are wonderful, but as Alan said, that one with the cocobolo handle is stunning. I can't work with cocobolo anymore because I developed the allergy to it
  12. Beautiful work Owen, I love the steel! I love mostly dark pattern welds with just a little lightness to them.
  13. I like that spalted guy better than the first one. Nice work!
  14. If I may give some additional pointers. Don't rush your dye job when using multiple colors. The colors can bleed and they will bleed together and it will make you nice hard tooled edges muddy looking. After letting your dye set, burnish it with a soft cloth. Dyes can leave a residue on the top of the leather. I use an old cotton sock. Get an antiquing gel or fluid if you want to make patterns stand out. You lay down the gel, and wipe the excess up and then lay a lighter dye on top. It makes all of the recesses darker. Small modeling paint brushes are awesome for dying small parts. I use them quote often when doing custom leather work. If Joshua is ok with others posting pictures in his thread, and if you all are interested, I can post a some carving and dying I have done to show other examples.
  15. Nice work Alex. Joshua's projects are good learning exercises and it seems you took this one to heart.
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