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  1. Wes Detrick

    Came a bit too soon.......

    1. Both and then some. Why limit yourself? Your website should be fairly static. The only time I update my website is when i want to add knife pictures to the gallery. If you plan on posting your completed non-sold knives there, then keep that updated. BUT, if you do start a website, update it and make sure it is good looking. Nothing is worse than a broken link or under construction page. But you are IT, so you know this. Post often to your Facebook page. Doesn't have to be everyday, but often. Join knifemaking groups on Facebook, and share your stuff there. Lots of non-makers join those groups. Start an Instagram account, and post there all of the time. Tag the living hell out of your pictures. Comment on other knifemaker's pictures. I have gotten more commissions from IG far and above any other mechanism. It is a pretty international platform too. Social media sells knives. Be your best promoter. 2. I use PayPal, and have never had a problem. But, I have no idea how hard it is to remediate a problem with them, since I have never had one. I have heard its gotten a lot better over the years. Here, check out this article for alternatives. Also, I know you are hundreds of miles away (if not more) from South Africa but they have a pretty healthy dose of excellent knife makers there. Check out Black Dragon Forge, who is an ABS Journeyman smith. He teaches classes all of the time. If you can't make it to his shop, maybe he can give you some advice for the upcoming knifemaker in your region of the world. Also check out Wayne Morgan, who happens to be one of my favorite makers. He is from SA as well. Talk to those guys and see what they have to say. Both of them sell internationally all of the time, and they could give you some great feedback I'm sure.
  2. Wes Detrick

    Forge welded broken back seax

    That is gorgeous work. Everything about it is so clean. The steel and the leatherwork are my favorite parts
  3. Wes Detrick

    Knives Illustrated article

    Nice! And congrats to you although it is well deserved. Hopefully i will see this copy out in the world so I can buy a copy.
  4. Wes Detrick

    Nordic Hunting Knife

    That is a beautiful little knife Jake! I dig all of the inlay. Have they given it to him yet?
  5. Wes Detrick

    still working - pweld dao

    Damn Kevin, that is a gorgeous sword. It has been a while since you posted something, so this is certainly a treat. I love that steel!
  6. Wes Detrick

    Harpoon clip fighter

    Very cool knife! I love that stag handle with that guard.
  7. Wes Detrick

    New website up!

    Nice site Al, very well put together! My only "complaint" which it really isn't one, is that I wish I could embiggen the pictures on the "Available for Purchase" section.
  8. Wes Detrick

    Just completed another puukko.

    Excellent work John! Man those are clean
  9. Wes Detrick


    That is a great looking knife Justin! Man I love Bowies so much. That is a great example of why.
  10. Wes Detrick

    Drilling 5160, or how to soften it enough?

    Have you heat treated the knife yet? If not, you might have run into some carbides, or it could have done a little work hardening on you. Those both suck. If it isn't heat treated, then you can stick it in the forge for a normalization and that should do the trick.
  11. Wes Detrick

    HAMONS!!! Fighter, Camp Knife, Wa-Gyuto

    Those are pretty knives Justin, I hope they sell fast.
  12. Wes Detrick

    Wire Wrapped Broadseax

    I don't sweat it bro, you have big things going on (trips to China?!). You don't owe me anything. I would love the steel, so maybe we can eventually figure something out that makes it worth your while. Magic tooth steel better have that property! I would hope it works better than brushing
  13. Wes Detrick

    Damascus kitchen knife

    That is a pretty knife and sheath! Like everyone said, that is impressive leather dying. The whole knife is a great package.
  14. Wes Detrick

    Wire Wrapped Broadseax

    Magic tooth steel! I need some of that. Seriously, everything about this is great. The steel is gorgeous, and your carving is so clean. This is awesome work Emiliano!
  15. Wes Detrick

    A Successful Collaboration

    Yessss, my favorite style of Bowie ever. It is on my short list of knives I must make. This is a stunner too. Nice work Gary!