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  1. Have you ever done any sharpening by hand? I use King and Naniwa synthetic waterstones. The Naniwa are better stones, but you will pay for that better.
  2. Of course Chris, I am happy to share what I know. Ha! Have to throw some shade my way bro Thanks though man, I am glad you like it Thanks Adam! Glad my aesthetic choices come across so well.
  3. I know nothing about making kitchen cutlery, but it looks a lot better than my first knife. How does it cut?
  4. It looks exactly as its name implies; made to slay dragons, gripped in the fist of a pissed off dwarf. God I love this so much.
  5. I wish I was able to see this in person. I know that there are many things that I can just not appreciate looking at a picture no matter the quality of the picture. I love the message and I love the execution even more. Stunning work Jim; seriously impressive.
  6. Great work doming those pins!
  7. Thank you everyone for the nice comments; I do appreciate all of them. You guys tend to reinforce the ideas I have about knifemaking since you tend to notice the things that I love to put into my knives. Good looking out guys. I use Liver of Sulfur. Get some really hot water, and mix the Liver of Sulfur in. It will be yellow. Either submerge the piece or paint it on with a qtip. It will turn blackish. Let it sit for a bit and then I usually wash it off with cold water and rub dry. Take a piece of 0000 steel wool and gently rub the piece. The patina will rub away in the high spots and leave the patina in the low spots. Thanks Collin, those are great compliments. And you get what I am going for and the fact that you see it and I have been able to communicate it makes me happy. Thanks man Honestly, I have been wanting to make a seax for a while now. Once I have worked my way through my commissions list, I wager that will be something that I get started on. Sure Chris, happy to oblige. Thanks for the compliments!
  8. I haven't posted a new knife on here in a while, since I have been making pretty much the same knife (with small variations) for the last 5 months. Boring. But here is something that I am happy to post. Much to my surprise, this knife didn't fight me at all. That's unusual, so I will appreciate it when it happens. The sheath pissed me of a few times, but you know, it can't all be great. It is Aldo's 1075 with some differential hardening, beaten and aged copper for the guard and domed pin, with Cocobolo as the wood. Blade length is 4.25" (10.8cm) with an overall length of 9.25" (23.5cm) Hope you like it!
  9. You can do it without the crotch vice. Place the blade on the anvil, put the flatter on top and then smack the flatter. Unless your normal forging is really wonky, it does not require heavy blows to flatten your work. Also, I should correct my above post. Brute de Forge is retaining the hammer and forging marks on your blades. A lot of times the scale is mostly removed leaving the rough steel finish below. Not necessarily what you are looking for.
  10. Its mill scale; irons oxides. The steel was hot rolled and during the process this layer formed. Its like scale that develops when you forge. Are you wanting to cover your blades with it? That's Brute de Forge. If you want to do that, forge really close to shape and only abrade near the edge when you are grinding on it.
  11. This is quality stuff; both the WIP and the dagger. Cheers to you Mark!
  12. To be honest, most security that you can purchase is woefully inadequate. Hundreds of thousands, if not a million pieces of malware are created daily. Daily. AV companies are fighting a losing battle in that regard. Most AV suites are not well equipped to catch anything but threats that are already old and known. Being smart about your browsing habits is the best medicine. Stick to well known, major websites unless you know what you are doing. Don't open email attachments unless you are expecting them. Do not install anything that you are prompted to from a website. Become incredibly familiar with AV suite so you know what it looks like and are not fooled by "rogue antivirus" warnings. Keep unique, strong passwords. Let me repeat that last one. Keep unique strong passwords. If you are repeating passwords, you are wrong. Flash based ads can carry malware. Uninstall Flash from your computer. Uninstall Java. Run adblocking extension for your browser. Run an HTTPS Everywhere extension for your browser. Keep backups of everything important. @JPH - Contact your webhost. Let them know what happened. See if they keep backups of your website, and if they do, have them restore. Immediately change the password to something complex and long. Pseudo Random password that contains numbers, letters, capitals, special characters and NO dictionary words. Even if they can't do a restore, contact your webhost anyhow, and let them know. They make have ways to assist you.
  13. You won't be sorry; it is quite excellent stuff.
  14. That's an attractive knife! Blade and burl compliment each other with that nice bright copper and brass in the middle. Good stuff man
  15. Parks 50 can be a pain in the ass to find. Here, check this thread out I made a while ago about knife supply stuff. It talks about Aldo, and places to find Parks 50. Like JJ said, Parks 50 is amazing stuff. I use it for W1, Aldo's W2 and Aldo's 1075.