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  1. I am forever a fan Salem. That steel is gorgeous. And its mean choppiness!
  2. Cutty McStabberson. The third. Whatever it gets named, I really like it. The steel is gorgeous. It almost looks like it has a slight forward curve to it, so maybe Cutternov Choppyayev is more fitting a name...
  3. I would recommend that you never file a knife with forge scale on it. You will nuke your files real quick like that. Scale is very very hard and will dull them. Soak the blade in some vinegar over night, and then scrub the piss out of it with with a wire brush the next day. That will take a lot of the scale off.
  4. Wayne right above you will sell you the Kast-o-Lite. Mizzou or Satanite can be found at the High Temp Tools. If you have a local pottery store, then they may have some of them.
  5. Why not just buy premixed refractory like Satanite or Mizzou?
  6. Blown uses an electric blower to pull air into the burner to be mixed; atmospheric uses a burner design that does not require power to pull oxygen in. Generally, you get more much more fuel efficiency with blown designs since you can use much lower pressure than you do with venturi burners.
  7. Oh ya, thats my style alright. I dig that deep swage it has.
  8. I dig the maple frame handle and guard. It was unexpected and its cool looking. I also like that high layer count steel as well!
  9. Beautiful leatherwork!
  10. Are there bigger pictures of that hamon? Don't hold out on me Gabe! And congrats on your win! Hope that yours winnings do some good things in your life
  11. Good lord man, i wish I had your energy. All great work, but most of all, I am glad to see you teaching. From the looks of the class, it may be the thing you were meant to do. Cheers to you my friend Maybe one day I will get the pleasure of taking a class from you.
  12. Ya, that tray works pretty well. The only bad part is that it takes the forge a little longer to come up to heat because of the added thermal mass. But, he never has a problem with flux in his forge since he takes the tray out for regular forging.
  13. wip

    Don't trust the colors on the blade, trust the thermometer. Get 2. There could be residual oil on the blade that could affect the colors or a million other things. But otherwise, hooray! Glad the knife hardened up good.
  14. A buddy of mine casts a welding tray out of Mizzou for his forge. He has a mold set up, and puts a rectangular box in the middle so that there will be raised sides. Whenever he welds, the tray goes in. When it starts to wear out, he casts another. Mizzou is cheap.
  15. The red and black them is so cool, and mean looking. Beautiful work! I have always been thoroughly impressed by your work before David, but recently making a take down tanto made me appreciate it even more. How tidy, clean, and precise your work is, is impressive. I would be a liar if I didn't say that I wasn't constantly referring to your work as a how-to and for inspiration.