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  1. Wes Detrick

    A bunch of pattern weld kitchen knives from this year...

    Damn Salem; you never cease to impress. Your steel is amazing (as is everything else)
  2. Wes Detrick


    That is some good recurve deliciousness there Cal. The lines are fantastic; very aggressive, which of course I am a big fan of.
  3. Wes Detrick


    And that is some fantastic information right there. I wonder if the chemistry of the Finnish steel is very close to Aldo (or other sellers). Now I really want to do some tests with the higher quench temp and lower tempers. I would say that you would still want to temper higher if you are making something like a chopper or large Bowie, but for smaller knives, the lower range tempers would be great. Thanks Joël!
  4. Wes Detrick

    Bog Rata Santoku

    Damn that is a nice knife! I love damascus San Mai like that.
  5. Wes Detrick

    Composite Sax-inspired

    That is a beautiful knife Dave! I love the blade shape and really is almost Bowie-ish in its shape. Which if course, is perfectly great with me
  6. Wes Detrick

    A big upcoming project

    Oh yes, the Springfield 1911; my favorite pistol ever. This is amazing, and the outfit that produced has certainly done your steel justice. Gorgeous work on all accounts.
  7. Wes Detrick

    Drop Point

    Fantastic work man! I love how its a takedown. Very very well executed.
  8. Wes Detrick

    52100 / 416 SS San Mai

    I love the way the san mai looks. Very nice work!
  9. Wes Detrick

    New pro pics of three pieces, one new and two old...

    Spectacular work Salem!
  10. Wes Detrick

    Stock removal hunter

    That is super clean. Nothing about it not to like!
  11. Wes Detrick

    Rhomboid Hunting Puukko with Sculpted Handle

    Gorgeous work! I see your stuff on IG all the time, and always appreciate how clean and well done it is.
  12. Wes Detrick

    Clan Crest Sgian Dubh

    It is gorgeous, and I can see why you get burnt out. I am sure there at the end, you just want it to be done and move onto something you haven't done to death. But gorgeous it is, so cheers to you.
  13. Wes Detrick

    Mosaic Damascus Multi-Bar Kiritsuke-Santoku

    Nice work! That is a gorgeous knife.
  14. Wes Detrick

    1st Florida Blades

    I am glad the move and subsequent troubles didn't take you out JPH. I love seeing your work up here, and these are no exception. That first knife and the dagger 5th picture down are right up my alley
  15. Wes Detrick

    More Hamons

    Beautiful! Is the Hamon1800 the clay you developed? I will third the curiosity about what polish you are using.