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  1. What Al and Alan said. G-Flex works on pretty much everything. It is a Marine epoxy and was designed to hold up really well in bad conditions.
  2. Nice work Steve! That blade is sweet
  3. A gorgeous knife and an incredibly meaningful tribute to Don (and to you!). Beautifully done.
  4. Holy crap that is gorgeous. The steel is amazing.
  5. Well done Joël, really well done. You have a great aesthetic sense and it shows in all of your work.
  6. Steel is cheap(and I mean that literally). Your time is not.
  7. Typically they were filed in. Why would you think that it would be thicker at the end of the nakago? The shape of the blade extends the length of the nakago, so the shinogi extends all the way to the end. Plus, there is some distal taper in the nakago, which would lead to the nakago being thinner at the end.
  8. Great work Mr Richard; I love that hunter, but then again, that goes without saying. I always love how your knives do not have ricassos, and are better looking for it.
  9. Beautiful handle sculpting... just an all around attractive knife.
  10. Oh man, I love sabers. Great work Kris! (That chandelier is so nice!)
  11. I am digging that Bison leather! I love the texture. If you don't mind me asking, where did you get it from?
  12. They are resin. Not sure what honeycomb is. They are brittle. I have seen them fall apart or break from enough people to know I don't want to use them(plus they aren't my style). You can find them on Etsy, and USA Knifemaker has some white ones under Resin handles.
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