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  1. Nice tooling! I wonder what kind of dyes they used. There is almost no bleed at all.
  2. That is quite a beautiful knife! I love that steel
  3. That is looking quite nice John! Very clean finish and that handle is coming along quite nicely
  4. I would go with a 12" Double Cut Coarse Mill Bastard for most of the cutting. Once most of the cutting is done, swap out to a single cut medium and then maybe a fine to start smoothing out the rough cuts. Make sure you get a file card and clean the file OFTEN, otherwise you will gall the hell out of the knife, which is frustrating. *EDIT* - Buy nice files. Don't buy crappy ones from Home Depot. Something like PFerd or Simonds...
  5. They both are looking good! Alan was right, it does look better with the swedge. The fighter has a great shape though. Any thoughts on the shape of the guard yet?
  6. This is awesome Josh! I love the Turkish twist patterns and I am excited to see this finished.
  7. Your posts are always my favorite Dave. Gorgeous work, and thank you for detailing what you do. Always a pleasure to see. I love the filed texture on the saya. It goes so well with the patina'd iron for the tsuba.
  8. And go here for links to online bladesmithing supplies
  9. Shawn's advice is one of the simplest, most effective ways to this. I drill, then taper, and then make shims exactly like Shawn says above. I even have a drawing on my dry erase board that I just fill in the values, and blam, I know what I need to do. I clamp one scale at a time to the tang, glue the shim the on the side of the scale that will be on the drill press table, and drill through. I always make sure my scales are uniform in thickness. Here is the drawing from my dry erase board:
  10. Yes! I would love to see the Bowies finished.
  11. Holy crap those are awesome! I love the grain in iron.
  12. Thanks Joël! I will see what I can do As far as the 4" handle goes, I typically do not like handles that short, and would never put one on most other knives. But as you said, this knife was made to favor a pinch, so there you go Thanks Joshua!
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