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  1. Wes Detrick

    A few new bronzes.

    Gorgeous work!
  2. Wes Detrick

    Just completed another puukko.

    Those are really good; your fit and finish are top notch. If I were making a pukko, you can be sure I would be using these as reference
  3. Wes Detrick

    First hamon

    I love polishing out hamons. There is this moment where you can start to see it, and it just gets better as you go.
  4. Wes Detrick

    Reindeer and Steel

    So very clean! Choice of materials is spot on too; the brass and reindeer antler so very well together
  5. Wes Detrick

    D2 core stainless damascus

    That is a beautiful knife Maciej!
  6. Wes Detrick


    That is an attractive knife! Nice work Justin; that hamon is crazy
  7. Wes Detrick

    Bowie for a buddie

    That finished up nicely Mike! Nice clean lines, nice choice of materials. Good work
  8. Wes Detrick

    Love at first sight

    Awesome work!
  9. Wes Detrick

    Completed Pair of Bowies

    That is a great pair of knives! Nice work Gary. I hope I get to see your knives in person one of these days.
  10. Wes Detrick

    Hupmobile leaf spring come back to Life!

    James has right; the curve of that antler matches the curve of that blade so nicely. That kind of stuff is why I have always dug your knives so much. Everything works and flows together so naturally, and its not easy to make that happen.
  11. Wes Detrick

    HeartLine S290 Stainless San Mai

    Damn that is nice. Heartline is a great name!
  12. Wes Detrick

    Bangin' & Jammin'

    That last one, New Orleans Heavy Swamp Blues on the fretless is great. Bottleneck slide is one of my favorite things in the world, so that song fits nicely in there (without having to use a slide!)
  13. Wes Detrick

    Bangin' & Jammin'

    Great suggestion! If you are dig the blues guitar, then I would suggest Shakey Graves or ReignWolf. Both are one man band blues guitarists that will use kick drums. Shakey Graves has a bit of rockabilly in his, while ReignWolf has more rock and distortion. Try "Roll the Bones" by Shakey Graves. Try "Are you Satisfied" by ReignWolf. And if you want to see amazing talent, watch the live Jet City Session of "Electric Love" by him as well. Watch the whole video.