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  1. Wes Detrick

    New to this forum, not so new otherwise

    Indeed, Welcome Paul! Your sheaths are a great inspiration for me (and a ton of other folks I know). Glad to see you here. I know that all four of your DVDs are for sale at USAKnifemaker.com.
  2. Wes Detrick

    Rare artifact of the kingdom of Norssex, via Gallifrey

    You had me laughing there Alan I think it looks fantastic. The whole package is super badass, and the story that goes along with it is great. Great and gorgeous work Alan!!
  3. Wes Detrick

    Messer 2.0

    What a beast! I love it!!
  4. Wes Detrick

    multi bar mosaic Damascus Dirk

    That is a wonderful display of craftsmanship Matt. It's gorgeous! Cheers to you
  5. Wes Detrick

    Removing rust

    That is super fair. I hope he is smart and takes you up on it.
  6. Wes Detrick

    An excellent video on hand filing.

    I love Clickspring! His WIPs on making that clock were awesome. Great information. The guy is a good craftsman.
  7. I live that reality everyday. I don't think the construction is ever going to end. But, the offer is there should you want to take it.
  8. Wes Detrick

    The Nomad

    Great work Steve, that Ironwood is gorgeous stuff isn't it!
  9. Hey Andy, you are just south of me(I live in Tacoma). Welcome to the club. You are more than welcome to come by my shop and bring your forge. I can give it the once over, and we can hook it up to my tank. Also, there is a store in Tacoma (on Pioneer near River Rd if you know where that is) that is a pottery supply place that sells refractory cements there. They have Mizzou, which is what I use, and Greenpatch, which is really good as well. They sell hard and soft firebrick, thermocouples and pyrometers, and tons of other stuff. Good place. Shoot me a DM if you want.
  10. Wes Detrick


    That is surprising. I knew there would be some loss, just didn't think that much. And looking at the 3 speed KMG, both the motor pulley and the drive wheel pulley have small diameters, so I would imagine it can be quite bad.
  11. Wes Detrick


    Typically, grinders with VFDs are direct drive, meaning that the belt runs off of the drive wheel connected directly to the motor. Step pulleys have a wheel on the motor with a pulley attached, which is then attached to the a wheel on the grinder, which turns the drive wheel. If I were to guess, you are adding more moving parts, plus pulleys into the mix with step pulleys. You may even loose a little power due to things like friction with the pulleys. Look at the 3 speed KMG, it is a pulley grinder.
  12. Wes Detrick

    Rhynowet Redline, oil or water?

    I second the Windex; I just use the cheap store brand. Works great.
  13. Holy hell gentlemen; you certainly put forth your right foot. Damn that is a fine sword. I aspire to make something half of that one of these days. Cheers to you both!!