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  1. Sgian Dubh for a Friend's Wedding

    I think I need to remarry my wife, and invite you Jake. Man, what a gift. Its beautiful
  2. Vorace, (hungry) another XVIII b

    Gorgeous work!
  3. What did you do in your shop today?

    That is gorgeous Alan! That should go in the Show and Tell! I love that brown finish. I am going to have to pick some of that brown up.
  4. Big Bladed Knife!

    That is a nice WIP, and an even better knife! I love the corp wrapped scales.
  5. couple of new hunters

    What Austin said; that green and bronze are great looking. Both knives are a treat though
  6. What did you do in your shop today?

    Oddly enough, no BUT, I am waiting for a friend to email me a video that she took when I was at the press. Once I get that, I will post that.
  7. The Last Two Weeks' Work...Balls to the Wall

    Always impressive JPH. That white handled dagger with the center twist bar is something else though. I have little hearts for pupils. As Brian above said, good luck and congratulations on your move and new digs. I am sure that you all will love them. A bit different in the kind of heat though. Going from the dry desert to the sticky humidity. I have lived in both Vegas and the South. I hate both kinds of heat
  8. 80crv2

    Yes, it would work, but it's not what you should use. You would want to make sure you get a PID with a relay instead of that pyrometer. A PID is programmable and would use the relay to turn the juice off once at temp.
  9. 80crv2

    Sure thing, happy to help. A baffle is a steel pipe that is put inside the forge, and then the knife is placed inside the pipe. It keeps direct flame off of the blade, and allows a much more even heat on the knife. Here is the pyrometer and thermocouple that I use. I have the Type K 8 gauge ceramic probe from the drop down menu. I am able to do some decent heat treating in my forge, but it is really difficult to sustain a steady temperature over time without a lot of babysitting of the gas regulator and ball valves. I have since moved to a heat treating oven, which is great (but a lot more expensive).
  10. What did you do in your shop today?

    Not in my shop, but in a friend's shop, started on what will be a mosaic damascus billet. Started with 44 layers of 1080 and 15N20. It is a massive billet. My body is smoked.
  11. sharpening and polishing

    Chosera Stones are great. Expensive, but great.
  12. Damascus Sgian Dubh with WIP

    That is quite lovely! I always enjoying seeing what you make Richard
  13. Kitchen knives

    I see your wife is the brains of the outfit, much like mine is Nice cutting board. What do you finish it with? Howard Butcher Block Conditioner is good stuff.
  14. Bird and trout

    If the gaps are small enough, then Zeb's idea is a good one. He is right about solder potentially being a mess though. I hate the stuff. But your mileage may vary and you may like using solder. You can also take a small ball peen hammer, and peen carefully around the slot. It will close up the gaps. Grind the face of the guard down until the peen marks are gone, and check the fit. Keep doing this until the gaps are closed, the fit is tight, and the peen marks are gone.
  15. [WiP] Swiss sword

    That finished beautifully! Excellent work