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  1. "Sovereign" Dagger.

    HA! Damn it, lack of proof reading strikes again. Glad you caught that Zeb. Sorry to disappoint Salem, but I meant it as Zeb said it; "I have yet to NOT be completely impressed". But I get what you are saying. You are one of those dudes to try catch up to for some of us.
  2. "Sovereign" Dagger.

    Been giving this the stankeye on Instagram for a while, and it was totally worth it. I have yet to be completely impressed with the things you make Salem. This is an amazing piece of art. It gets overused, but your work is quite inspirational.
  3. Has anyone heard of these anvils

    Check out Saw makers anvils or Japanese bladesmith anvils. They were typically just blocks of steel (and iron). I almost never use the horn on my anvil when making a knife.
  4. Has anyone heard of these anvils

    Holy crap, how did these people escape my notice. They are located in my town. Hmmm, I wonder if they have a shop I can stop in and check out the anvil. I am curious, although I am not in the market for one. I wonder if they would let me bounce a hammer of the face. They don't give any details about face hardness though... they don't give very many details at all. I don't know about their forges though; they don't have any refractory on them, and I would worry about inhaling free silicates past a certain point.
  5. Bowie/hunting

    1/4" spine would be good. I have to agree with Zeb on your ricasso size. I would make it at least 1" wide. Then make sure that your handle is the same width starting just past the guard. Check the hand of the person you are making the knife for. If they are of a small frame, then have them hold onto something at least an inch wide to see how they like the feel. If its too small, then make is larger. If not, then you are good.
  6. Rebar tongs X3

    Do you know if they are any more? I know Blacksmith Depot picked up the name and are still drop forging them, but it doesn't say anything about being 4140 anymore...
  7. first piece

    To follow on Jerrod's great advice, I have used Bondo Fiberglass Resin to make Micarta and it works great. I made canvas Micarta using it and an old surplus Army tent. You can find the resin at big box home supply stores
  8. Busy Few Weeks

    Good lord Aiden! I don't even put out a dozen knives in a year let alone 2 and a half weeks. And at that quality too. Cheers to you!
  9. Renaissance Sidesword WIP

    That guard and handle are coming out wonderfully! I really look forward to seeing this complete.
  10. Buckeye Hunter - or the knife I made twice

    Thank you Cal and Jim, I do appreciate the compliments! Jim - I hope your hamon comes out well! Make sure you post some pics
  11. Bar Stock Dimensions

    I'll play along. Zeb has the right idea for me. I would take bigger stock rather than smaller. i can break down smaller stock by forging and if I am doing stock removal, I can always cut away what I don't need. I wouldn't go Zeb's full 2", but I would do 1.5" by 1/4" by 4'.
  12. Buckeye Hunter - or the knife I made twice

    Again, thank you everyone. I really do appreciate the compliments. I feed on them in fact, and when I don't get them I begin to starve and waste away. Feed my ego! You give me far to much credit my friend I completely understand why people round them off and chamfer them. I makes complete sense, and I, of course, can't seem to follow stuff that makes sense and must choose things that I find aesthetically pleasing. I guess when I see people doing that, lots of times it is done badly (and not by you) and so it throws me off. When it is done really well, then it works for me.
  13. Buckeye Hunter - or the knife I made twice

    Gotcha. Well to each their own my friend. If we all liked the same thing, it would be pretty awesome since I wouldn't have to tell people they are wrong all of the time In all seriousness, I do appreciate your opinion and I appreciate that you willing to poke holes in my ego by being honest about the things you don't like. It's good to hear, and it is good to see things through other people's eyes.
  14. Buckeye Hunter - or the knife I made twice

    Thanks Colin, glad you like dig it! I guess I don't know what you mean by unrefined. The reason it has the lines it does, is so that the angle of the plunge matches the angle of the front of the bolster, and then matches the angle of the rear of the bolster. Hope that clarifies my intentions at the very least. Lots of people will round off the front of bolsters and typically, I don't like that look. Thanks Josh, I appreciate the compliments! I hope that he does like it. Unfortunately, everything I make anymore is a commission piece, so if something goes awry, then I am starting over if it is bad. I am approaching the end of my commission list though, as I stopped taking them a while ago. Need to start working on and practicing for my JS knife. But i really like the idea of just doing a project for the hell of it, and just to try new stuff. Once in a while I will try new stuff on a commission. Sometimes it pays off, and sometimes it is the reason I am starting over I hate to say it, but even when I am making something for myself, my stupid sense of perfection kicks in. That is a hard inclination to overcome sometimes. I would certainly be interested in seeing one of those projects though. Thanks for the insight!
  15. Buckeye Hunter - or the knife I made twice

    Thanks Brian, I appreciate the compliment. I loathe giving up and starting over. Typically, when I know I have messed up, I shut everything off, go inside, and do something to distract myself. I usually am all pissy with myself for about a day, and then I go back out and start over. Inevitably, the do over is better. The thing I kills me the most is all of the time spent on a failed knife.