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  1. The hair is accurate, but 200-300 years early. The haircuts sported are Norman 'cocks comb' cuts, as I was told. Apparently even the headbands worn to the Thing were accurate, but wouldn't have been worn with such short hair.
  2. I can't think of much in that show I'd care to call accurate, tbh... Hair, garments, garment coloring, shields, steering board, boat construction being done by one man in apparently weeks, the Jarl and all his actions, the Thing, etc... The monastery was also rather small and poor compared to what it likely was. That said, I've not heard who did the swords. Doesn't seem any of the bigger named companies were involved at all.
  3. Very nice score.. Haven't seen one of those since I worked my step-dads machine shop in school!
  4. I like it... The lines are very sleek. I'm normally not a fan of this styling/shape. But this. It's unique. Reminds me very much of the little waves/tides in the UP on Superior... Not huge, and crashing. But subtle, slow, and constant. Very cool aesthetics. Having read your progress thread for this, it's even doubly impressive to see this piece!
  5. You know where my training lays at. So that option at the price would have me pausing. But if you have other tools and ways, get the KMG bits and bobs. A surface grinder is an amazing tool, but it doesn't sound like it would truly have a fitting home for ya.
  6. If I had *any* way of making it there, i'd be there in an instant.
  7. Just got placed in a job, so I have to check employment contract with the Union. Due to that, I may be working 6 days a week my first 90 and *not* allowed to miss any time during it without termination... We'll have to see...
  8. Pending any funkyness for work, the wife is good with me coming... I'll bring some charcoal and steel, and a bit of mead or ale for after-hours at the forge.
  9. Now THAT'S an axe!! Interest in the symbol on it.. Is that your mark or something else?
  10. To draw half as well as you would be quite a feat! Beautiful work. Don't you dare stop before you make one of these in steel!
  11. From one machinist to another- well done! I mostly play with EDM/mold making, but that's a tidy little job there on that vise!
  12. I saw the katana/billowing silk cape episode on the TV in my physical therapists office in the waiting room. I think I made one of the other patients nervous as I kept laughing and shaking my head... Couldn't help it.
  13. Doing amazing.. The broken back looks nice still, but that other is coming alive after the etch... I'll pester my bud when he wakes up and try and get you some info by the weekend.. He said he thought he knew where some tin and copper were, but again, it was only in passing, so i'll confirm or deny it this weekend.
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