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  1. Thanks Alan! I have asked that very question as to barred grips - there are is quite a number of the surviving originals that have the wire and bars removed (only wood grip core and ferrules remaining). I do not know if they came off with age, or if they were purposely removed?
  2. Over the last 8 years I have been asked a number of times to make a copy of the Spanish model 1728 Cavalry Sword. These swords were a common sight throughout the Spanish interior of the American southwest throughout the 18th and into the 19th century, and luckily there are a number of surviving originals in public and privet collections around the USA. Measurements for this copy from original in the collection of the Arizona Historical Society sword #7366 Blade length 36-1/2 inches OAL 43 inches weight 2 pounds 2oz PB 5 inches from hilt fully forged and heat treated 1080 blade, iron hilt, with twisted copper with barred grip. To see more of my work please check out www.irontreeforge.com
  3. I found a nice drop piece of 1/2 thick precision ground D2 that I want to turn into a new platen for my KMG. How should I heat treat this? All the other HT info I am finding on D2 is for blades.. I assume to get all the wear resistance the steel has to offer I want to leave this full hard or close to it?
  4. I have a custom knife up for grabs! 8-3/4in overall, with 4-1/2in blade of hand forged 1084 steel, 58Rc. Nickle Silver single branch guard and lanyard hole. Striped Cow horn, Bone spacer, and Mesquite burl handle. Asking $400 - Will include a custom sheath to your specifications, and lanyard or monogram The lady I was making this for loves it, but decided it is just a little too big for her. I could have this finished up and shipped by next week (7/23/18). Please shoot me a message if you are interested!
  5. The plates on the motors and VFD say: 5hp is 23.5amp VFD is 11.5amp 3/4hp (3ph) says max for 440v is 40amp And there are two NON-40amp fuses for the outlet
  6. The power hammer is a 5hp 220v single phase The grinder is 3/4hp 3phase with VFD controller.
  7. The shop only has one 220v outlet, and of course I have a few tools that use it (power hammer, belt grinder, welders). When it was just me I never had a problem with switching plugs between use, but now with Stephanie the outlet gets tied to one project at a time.. First is there a safe way to make a 220v "power strip" so the multiple tools can stay plugged in? And second would I be able to run two tools at once? say the powder hammer and the grinder? not sure what amp fuse is in the outlet, nor do I know how many amps my motors pull....
  8. Thanks! BOC stands for Bauer Ordnance Company, they made the most M7 bayonets with Colt being second
  9. .... Kbar (KA-BAR) USMC fighting knives are very different things then an USM7 bayonet.... but I understand with the modern nomenclature "Kabar" is every US military knife since WWII. So ... Thank you!
  10. Thanks justin! If you ever have the chance to take a photo of the knife you mention, I'd love to see it!
  11. For another commission I needed a M4/AR/M16 bayonet to see how the lug attachment works, so I bought a $20 issued Vietnam BOC M7 off Ebay (way simpler then an M5 or M6...) But anyways. Now that I have an original US issued Vietnam used M7 bayonet I want to do something fitting with it. BOC makes are a dime a dozen, there are millions of them. They have been used once issued in 1964 through the remainder of Vietnam, Desert storm, and everything in between - many are still in garrison and though not current issue still a recognized US military weapon. I will be removing the spring loaded lug attachment for my commission: But the blade, guard/ muzzle attachment, and sheath will be original to the 1964-73 US Vietnam time period With my studies of Theatre knives (https://www.bladesmithsforum.com/index.php?/topic/37306-introduction-to-theatre-of-war-knives/) I have found a lot of theatre modified M7 Bayonets (US military forum post about theatre M7s - http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/216935-actual-combat-carried-m7-bayonets/ ) So redesigning / using the blade for my own story is not out of the question. I want to present the original components as a Commemorative Knife for Vietnam POW/MIA So my design I am looking for critique on is as the rough sketch attached. The original parts are the original black/ green parkerized steel. As the POW/MIA logo (YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN) is black and white I will use black paper marcarta and white/ clear lucite or acrylic plastic. I have found through experimentation that I can color between the clear and black layers to produce color only when seen at an angle... SO the hilt will be black/ white seen straight on / Vietnam Service Ribbon seen at an angle. First images is my rough sketch, Second is a practice/ sample of color shift "theatre" material
  12. I might have posted in the wrong place... But wanted to show my work in a forgotten historical knife style
  13. USN VAQ 130 Desert Storm knives. Knives made for the surviving members of the 1990 squadron. Overall design based on USN MK1 knives from WWII and Randal Bush master pattern. Blades are laminated steel forge welded from scrap tail hook of one of the planes, 15N20 and 1095. Handles are Mircarta, Turotuf, and "sweet heart" photos of the unit insignia and the plane the tail hook came from under clear acrylic.
  14. SHARK - an inspired by Western Co MK1 "shark" knife of 1942. Forged 1095 hollow ground blade with duel tangs (two tangs) as in the patented Western style. Parkerized steel guard and pommel. Sweet heart style grip of hand painted shark mouth on aircraft aluminum under clear acrylic handles
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