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  1. I'm Interested in your friction folder . PM sent
  2. here is what I would use. http://www.electricmotorwholesale.com/9520-KBAC-27D/ There are cheaper ones out there.
  3. Ive got a brand new 2 HP Baldor - 3 Phase motor Im not going to use, its a VM3555T which is a 3450 rpm motor. $200 shipped conus. Here are all the stats http://www.electricmotorwholesale.com/BALDOR-VM3555T/
  4. yea that would make me smile too
  5. Hey guys, Im doing a little job for a Guadalcanal vet, His K Bar. Ive got the blade squared away but I want to darken the blade, as dark as I can get it. Heres the catch. Its got a stacked leather washer grip and I cant remove it. I was thinking Parkerize, but Im going to have to go a long way to protect the leather. Is there any other way to go?
  6. I've got more than I'll use. They are tinted Green or Amber and are 3 1/8 x 1 1/8 How about $8.00 a set, $6 for each set after the first. shipped CONUS and Paypal fees included. International + actual shipping costs. The color was brought out with a buffer on one and a grinder on the other.
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