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  1. Can't wait for those fools from the history channel to get a whiff of this lol!
  2. Well now that you mention it I do see that it has a handle on it lol. But after chugging a few .... and I see this photo... it made me instantly grow a mustache. It makes me want to light the forge and screw some stuff up.
  3. I take one look at the guy forging and I laugh and say " no way he got that huge from smithing" . Anyone that has worked in extreme heat for 12 hour shifts will immidietly see that. It is excedingly hard to keep weight on you if your next to a forge all day and long. I know I ran a smelter for over 10 years and it was impossible to gain weight till I quit that job.I mean its a cool concept and all its just in no way reallistic that the guy forging (especially for the viking era)could be built like a bodybuilder...
  4. Just take it apart , blow it out , put it back together and see if it runs. We have to do this all the time at the sawmill I work in. An air hose can be your best freind sometimes...
  5. They're just casted. No QA checking to see if everything is correct. Your looking at a lot of file work and hand sanding to keep they're pulleys from ruining belts. They need to be trued up on a lathe. The bore size is off. I'm stuck with some paper weights now.
  6. Anyone bought some of those bader contact wheels? Everywhere Ive looked it says that they include shaft and bearings. But , what Im wondering is if the bearings are pressed onto the shaft? I can't find one single picture of a bader contact wheel that has a shaft and bearings anywhere online.The prices just can't be beat so before I buy some I need to know if these wheels are plug n play for a kmg-like rig.
  7. Now that you mention it , something clear would be better. Now its a question of round or square tank.
  8. I'm also considering some of the stuff here http://www.turntex.com/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=121 Let me just mention that this is something that I'm really not putting on a budget but just trying to get the most effective product. So if some of you guys can say what you're happiest using i would much apreciate your comments.
  9. Sometime soon I'm planning on getting something reliable for stabilizing wood. I've been looking around and narrowed down my options to this thing . http://www.packardwoodworks.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=CTGY&Store_Code=packard&Category_Code=woodprep-stabsys what do you guys think about this rig? Worth the $ ?
  10. Tryed the duct tape fix myself , works pretty good until it comes apart and narrowly misses your face and snaggs a handfull of bolts catelessly left beside the drive wheel and throws them everywhere but the floor. Next time ill deploy the 10-foot pole
  11. Yup, i used charcol. It was a pretty even distribution in heat ill say. But, yes, its been my experiance melting brass is sometimes harder to melt than this brass or that. If its got more copper in it or what. I guess it all depends on the setup really. Damn, still bummed about $50.00 down the drain!
  12. I wont say it wasnt mostly my fault it burned out. Because some brass is very , very hard to melt. So i kept watch making sure i wasnt getting too hot an inspected the bottom of the crucible every now and then. After a while the ousiide of the crucible started to shink a little.It makes me think it was a p.o.s. crucible for the $ spent on it.. I got just a little better performance out of the $50 graphite crucible than i get from an empty propane/oxygen bottle. I saw some cheap ones here http://www.lmine.com/category/budget_graphite.html I might try a few of those soon. What do you guys th
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