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  1. From personal experience a handle that fits the wielder's hand snugly (without being uncomfortably tight) is the optimal choice when fighting. Giving the wielder greater control of the sword without the risk of the handle slipping in their grasp. Hope this helps with your decision.
  2. It's been a long while since I've last showed any work I've done on here. When I last tried to post something the site was having a fit and I lost most of my entry and gave up. So I'm going to give this another go. This is a knife that's been laying around the shop for several years now and only just recently got finished. The blade was forged out of a German chainsaw bar and the handle is... Ash, I think, it was chunk of wood from a pallet that was used to forged the blade and the color is from lightly burning it with a torch. The wood slabs are held on by copper wire rivets. The overall length of the knife is 19" from end to end. The maker's mark on the blade is not mine but my teacher's symbol. Most of the forge work was done while I was apprenticing under him and so bears his mark as I did not have one. I made it for my dad and seeing as Fathers day is tomorrow I think it will make a suitable gift.
  3. Gorgeous knife and lovely work you did on the sheath.
  4. Wow! That's a pretty dirk!
  5. I've been seeing this on facebook for the past few weeks. Really swell job you did there Petr, the sword and it's accessories look beautiful!
  6. The knife and scabbard really compliment each other.
  7. I'll definitely have to make time so that I can watch all those videos. They're great for inspiration!
  8. Nicely done there, the color contrast between the light and dark on the handle really draws your focus. As far as naming goes, choose whatever you feel fits the character of the blade. Don't try and force yourself to decide on a name, you'll know when it comes to you. That's how I go about naming a blade.
  9. In the first photo it looks like there's light emanating from the blade. Awesome work!
  10. This is an inspiring piece of artwork you've made. There's a knife I might be making a handle and scabbard for soon and seeing this just makes me excited to get working!
  11. You are not the only one having trouble embedding pictures here. Twice I've tried to post some pictures of work I did on a sword hilt, only to have the sight freeze up and lose about a page and a half of documentation. Your knives turned out great! The handles are beautiful and the blades are stunning with those hamon.
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