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  1. haden

    Christmas Prayer

    Glad other's feel the same as I do... Merry Christmas, Haden
  2. Hey guys, it's been a while! Got bored and figured I'd check here. I've been thinking about forging again lately... Mom's going to marry some guy who's into stuff like this. He builds guns and stuff. He could help me out. So, I figured now's finally the chance I have to learn some stuff! Anyway, I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I was just sortof wandering about everyone.
  3. haden


    Beautiful! Very nice hamon.
  4. Don't know if anyone's intersted but I might get to go to an Aerosmith concert for my birthday! It's really cool for me, but I don't know if ya'll care [ylsuper] :laugh:
  5. Wonderfully warm in Alabama :laugh:
  6. haden

    The Passion

    is the divinci thing a joke? Is something going to jump out and scare me? Ive had things do that before...its not very cool
  7. haden

    The Passion

    I've heard that she was not even really a prostitute. The men made it up...or something like that...mabey? *rubs chin*
  8. haden

    The Passion

    Basicly, IMO (Im really stressing that IMO), to understand why the crucifixion was special and unique, you have to believe he had a sinless life and had the power to stop what was happening to him. That is my truth, not everyones. I also like Buddhism, good philosophy. Ive read about the four truths and they are very good. We had to study it a little in school because we were about to study India and China.
  9. haden

    The Passion

    Loved Brave heart actually. I dont like seeing gore. I dont think it was in a "cool, look at all the blood" kind of way. There is slasher gore and realistic gore. Its not gorey in a way that a "Jason" or "Freddy Cruger" movie would be. It is quit intence though. I cant say that's how it was, Ive read the Gosspels many times and they all pretty much say the same thing about the crusifixion and its not very long or detailed. And I know that he DID NOT suffer as much as many of thousands of people who were excecuted by the Romans, but it is that he loved people enough not to end it all immediatly. He suffered so we would not. THAT is love.
  10. The contrast between good and evil changes as time rolls past us. As a waterfall rolls and wears away at the rocks below, and humanity strives for perfection. but in the end, we are all but worn away rocks and sand in the bottom of a river. finally able to rest...
  11. haden

    The Passion

    I agree. [grouphug] Spread the love [grouphug]
  12. haden

    The Passion

    I keep a diary kind of thing. Every night I try to put my point of view on something be it politics or the "key to the universe" When I have enough and I am satisfied I think Ill post it. It probably will not be controversial, since it so far clearly explains why people dont get along. Some of it is already in the "key to the universe" topic. Im quite proud of it. I can play "Let it Be" now!
  13. haden

    The Passion

    Oh! and speaking of passion, my countdown for the symposium has start! 28 days...not the movie! 28 days till' Batson!
  14. haden

    The Passion

    But I was expecting a few positive opinions. but if that is what people feal, I am powerless. Again...I prove my philosophy :laugh:
  15. haden

    The Passion

    there was no offence Im glad people are saying what they think, I wasnt expecting a ralley haha.
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