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  1. Blade shape appears very sabre like as it is so perhaps something along the lines of eastern/cavalry sabre hilt. Without knuckle bow I think. Yet the blade length is rather short for proper cavalry sabre. How about Tulwar (or Talwar) traditional Sikh sword with disk pommel and all. I haven yet seen any tulwars made on this forum so that would be cool.
  2. Have to say thats absolutely ridiculous Here in Finland we call that summer I wouldn't even put a jacket on for that Anyway, love your designs. especially lower one. Might be I missed it, but what kind of steel are you using?
  3. Well despite what I said earlier I understand why he wants that wolf's head pommel. Without it, if you don't know the story behind it is just one enormous sword. Wolf's head will for sure make it easier to be identified as Ice. I'm excited to see how this turns out. It will definitely be unique piece when ready.
  4. As a huge fan of "A Song of Ice and Fire" saga (books!) I really like this project. As I am totally unqualified to give you advices concerning technical side of sword making I'll just focus on design and authenticity. I'm not sure how closely you are trying to replicate the Ice, but from the books we can learn some details that you might want to consider when further designing the sword. Surely we are talking about fantasy sword and there are no official pictures of it so you have relatively free hands.Anyway in the books it is said that "It is as wide across as a grown man's hand" and "ta
  5. This might be pretty stupid guestion but how the heck do you guys make the copper stay so bright. When I'm working with it all I need to do is glance away and it turns into statue of liberty. Colorwise, the shape usually stays as it was. Anyway, thats one stunningly beautiful knife. Absolutely one of my favourites on this site. The copper blackwood combo looks really good.
  6. You are way too kind. I'm just showing the good side and deliberately hiding the flaws. Hoy, briar definitely looks like good guess. Hopefully I can find more of it somewhere, I really like the color of it. In finland the problem is that getting special tools for bladesmithing etc. is really difficult at best and getting materials is next to impossible. Markets here are so small that pretty much everything I have bought for my future projects must be ordered from US or UK (and shipping fees are killing me )
  7. Hi guys, Here are my second and third knives ever made. They are also first two pieces ever made at "home front". Home front being my parents garage were I have 1x1 meter table and toolbox. Ah, the luxury . I made them without powertools, except drill and self made "forge". So lots and lots of filing and sawing Everything is made from scrap pieces I found from garage and main point was to test techniques and practice workin on different materials. I apologise the poor quality of photos in advance. Most of them are taken with my cellphone + I understand nothing about photographing. Numb
  8. Thanks guys. Topi, I absolutely agree what you said about handle. Shape is pretty much a victim of very limited time we had during the course. I just had to move forward to be able to finish everything in time. Its no where near the the quality of your second one the one with bark handle but I'll try to get closer to that shape with my next. I'm glad you guys like the sheath. I'm actually quite satisfied with it, the shape might be bit unusual for traditional puukko but I'm not aiming for museum piece anyway. P.S. Topi, edustan Pohjois-Pohjanmaalla -Teemu
  9. Hello, I have been lurking around the forums for some months now and finally managed to gather enough courage for my first post. This is the very first knife I have ever made and so far only one aswell. I made it in local community college course in January this year. College provided the tools but everything from forging to sheath is self made. (You can see it in the level of finish) The blade is highcarbon steel, unfortunately I don't know any name or specifics for it. Handle is made of brass, bogote (80% sure) and curly birch. Tang goes through the whole handle and is striked flat aga
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