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  1. Not sure how "culturally significant" they are , as far as having ancient roots, but weapons evolve. Just as the classic Scottish dirk was once a ballock style dagger. Which had no national identity attached until the Highlanders began putting their own characteristic stamp on it. Then it becomes roughly standardized until it reaches maturity at the point of being more an article of dress than purely a weapon. I'd assume the same path for the skeen. I'd say Geoff has the basic form shown here. having all the features that would make it unique . A small EDC type knife that was modified in design for being in a sock top or some other secure place. I enjoy the far end of the spectrum myself...
  2. Tell The wife she does an awesome job! Very stunning ! And I agree, it does look like kinda Damascusey ! LOL
  3. Could be a shortened bayonet blade, possible Japanese by the look of the point. A fuller of that size is more akin to a Bayonet than a knife. Perhaps a war time rear eschalon modification.
  4. I use belt sander to finish edges on my leather work, but Iv'e never used a band saw on it LOL!
  5. Catlinite I presume ? Wonder if this was a reservation handcraft ? Very interesting. Is it bored thru for smoking?
  6. Gary , that is a stunning piece of work !
  7. Sharp piece of work Gary! I'm a big fan of Iron wood and Bowies !
  8. Lots of broken jeweler's saw blades too !
  9. Jason... I really don't know LOL all compressed together I would estimate about 240 hrs.
  10. Conner......Appears as though you've fought the casting monster too ! LOL I THINK this was my 7th attempt. I originally planned on a knuckle bow, and the casting just refused to cooperate. I finally did a simple foam outline in sand with the quillions pointed down , instead of lying flat. The metal seemed to gel before filling those finger loops when the mold was laid flat.
  11. A while Back a Mexican Pastor contacted me about a Bible themed sword. There are tons of sword references in scripture, so putting all of my themes together this is what I came up with . This is forged from a Strut coil ( I assume it's 5160) Guard and pommel are cast Bronze . Amethyst cab in silver bezel, Scabbard is leather lined pine with red pigskin and brass mouth with leather and brass fittings. I have spelling error in the pommel engraving which is a simple fix to change a J to a G (for those of you who may be grammar Nazis LOL ) Can you find all of the themed elements in this project?
  12. I own season 5 , 4 ,3 2, 1 LOL of FF on Amazon video! I 've never heard your name pronounced. I missed the intro where they flashed the name's spelling I always assumed your name was pronounced like the things that open locks..Keezs , so it didn't register till I saw your first name with the British spelling "HEY THAT'S GEOFF KEYES" ! You gotta tell us the whole story man ! Congrats on your stardom LOL I'm way too chicken to try it myself LOL
  13. It exudes Japanese "style"! Graceful , clean, natural. The elements blend seamlessly, yet they contrast enough to show distinction. The clean tight fit of the tang into the wood is commendable as well! SWEET!
  14. Well for my 2 cents, I can't make up my mind what I like best, or which is most imppresive so I just have to like it all ! LOL You get Credit for a great Job on that Damascus pattern, an we'll just have to give the Lord credit for the pattern in that Iron wood... they're both beautiful ! It looks like a lovely marriage! A scabbard or presentation case of the same Iron wood with maybe some silver inlay or pearl inlay accents would really go good too !
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