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  1. dragon seax

    my latest seax. forged from 5160. handle is brass, beef bone, copper, hand carved curly maple. with fire agate set in silver in the brass butt cap . scabbard is cowhide and brass, with carved antler final. more photos on the show an tell forum under dragon seax. $ 650.00 + shipping pm any questions
  2. Blackwood San-Mai Hunter

    Beautiful work, very elegant!
  3. Blackwood San-Mai Hunter

    Beautiful work, very elegant!
  4. A heavy day forging....

    there's a hypnotic factor to viewing that rig in action! Great idea.
  5. 2018 Project WIP

    Looking Great !I love the Hollywood Bowie style ! Best of luck on selling them. I too work in " forge heated" shop do you notice a real difference in workable time per heats in this frigid weather ? Seems to me the stock is affected and cools of a lot quicker. Last week I was out forging at 19 F and after 5 hrs of work my anvil was not even warm to the touch!
  6. Renaissance Sidesword WIP

    Beautiful craftsmanship , and nice tools!
  7. Groomsmen tanto

    Looks like there are great benefits in joining your family! I never can make multiples , they never match. I seldom make Identical mistakes LOL! Those are a awesome looking set . I did a knife for my son's wedding but only the Bride got one, everybody else had to just lump it!
  8. Dragon Seax

    thanks to all for your compliments! Does any body out there have an opinion as far as a price on this piece? I have trouble selling pieces like this and I'm wondering if I'm just asking too much?
  9. Dragon Seax

    Just completed this piece for sale. 5160 forged Blade engraved with runes "Smitten of Hoy" or in our vernacular Forged by Hoy! Carved maple handle with dragons, Beef bone spacer Brass guard engraved with woton's raven and Blut to blut runes as well as the triple Tue charm. Jasper agate blood stone setin sliver setting in Brass butt cap. Hand tooled cowhide sheath with Brass accents and Carved Deer antler final of a dragon head
  10. 18th century civilian hanger

    Thanks guys, it does indeed chop well . One test I did consisted of a 1/2" cpvc pipe surrounded by8 sections of 3/4 water hose wrapped in duct tape and slid into a shirt sleeve. very comparable in density to a upper arm. From a free hanging position ( not held rigid ) I cut 3/4 way thru this easily and were it stiffly held would have went completely through. There is a video on my hoy's forge facebook page
  11. Zealot's Sica

    Are you familiar with 1st cent. history or the works of Josephus? One of the many Political groups at that time in Judea were the Sicari or zealots . The Romans considered them terrorist , as did many of the Jewish elite who were in bed with the Romans. They carried a concealed curved dagger called a sica. And would prey on any Roman they found who was unlucky enough to get separated from a group. More than likely the two " thieves" crucified with Jesus were part of a Zealot cell led by Barabbas , (who got pardoned) If you were a wealthy Jew they figured you needed to help support the revolt and justified being bandits to fund their freedom fighting campaign . I could not find any historic details on the handle , just that the blade was curved , fullered, double edged. So I used a Arabic style handle and used Kosher Ram's horn for the hilt. I almost put pigskin on the scabbard had to pull it off before the glue set. It now has a good kosher goatskin LOL The etching says Israel in Hebrew.
  12. Zealot's Sica

    rams horn,rosewood handle, 5160 blade
  13. Last one for ICCE

    smooth !
  14. 18th century civilian hanger

    5160 blade with integral knuckle guard. steel pommel and cherry grips from an old pallet board. piano ivory spacers. I love the way this one feels and cuts. thanks for looking.
  15. Handle wood for sale

    HI william, sorry to leave you hanging.This wood is sooooo available cause no one was buying it and evidently my e-mail notifications are not working had not checked on this for a while. I'd love to work a trade!