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    Preaching, Gospel Bluegrass & Celtic Music ,military history , bladesmithing , knife making ,Leatherwork, muzzeloading and every art form that can be possibly connected to the above , and some that ain't www.hoy'sforge.com

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I forged my first knife from a aluminum T.V. antenna , using the flame of our gas hot water heater in the basement as my heat source. I sawed off a piece of an old cane pole for a handle and stuck the tang of my flattened aluminum tube into the void of the cane. I was 6 yrs old. Don't know to this day how I knew that knives needed forged. Got my first anvil at 17 built a brick forge with an old wheel hub from a duce and half ww2 truck as my fire pot. Got Jim Hrosilus book for christmas that year (1985) the rest is history. My son now forges with me! We enjoy making knives .That is my hobby 1n 1996 I was called to a higher duty to preach Jesus to a lost world . Yep weirdo , fanatic loony. We travel the country singing and preaching the goodnews, and when time allows we hit the shop and hammers drop. Happy to tell you about it !

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