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  1. K340/420 stainless, bog oak Latest work:
  2. Stainless sanmai blade with copper. Central- tool steel 1,2C
  3. 440C sanmai , K340 in central, plus copper.
  4. Its curoni theme, a pagan tribe which was living in western baltic in mid ages. Curoni vikings.
  5. Some latest axes with sanmai blades. The edges 1-1.2 C tool steel, plus mid carbon body.
  6. Hello all! Short tutorial: Prepearing material Forging to a size Carbutization 17 hours HT 290/7mm size
  7. Konner, yes, i wrote it in a first post. 70$ with postage
  8. Makiri is sold, i did a handle. This one is still present. 20$ via avia to USA. Thank you!
  9. Hello all. A mid size axe for a customer, hi carbon on a edge, mid carbon steel body. Spear type eye.
  10. Did a japan type (ainas) handle, black oak (natural, aprox 900 years old) plus mikarta, stainless steel.
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