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  1. Some of my vikings

    Funny video:
  2. Some of my vikings

    Thank u Josh, i only use ancient steel, course i live in ancient place. So many warriors were fighting in my part of Europe... my last axe is:
  3. Some of my vikings

    Testing my laminate blade on coin. Upper back-2,8mm, and 5,5mm near guard. Coin-Ferum.
  4. Some of my vikings

    Blue iron laminated , plus R18 central
  5. Some of my vikings

    Two wrouggt iron laminated blades, central R18 steel
  6. Some of my vikings

    "Odins spear":
  7. My collection of Viking artifacts

    Hm, as for me- im seaching with metal detector, in my woods.
  8. Viking axe

    To old and sold)
  9. Viking axe

  10. longseax

    It's a glory of my country! Thank u Greg, for masterpiece!!!
  11. Viking axe

    1066 steel, plus wild cherry on handle, asking 150. $
  12. Viking axe from Upsala

  13. Viking axe from Upsala

  14. "Silver Viking"scramseax

    Thank you Kevin, I'm trying
  15. Red Heart Viking Knife

    Ur-nes style dragon, very good. Love it!